Ripple - Grateful Dead

For the past several weeks I’ve been working my way through Grade 2 for the second time with a focus on timing and touch, trying to refine everything I know.

I just learned this a few weeks ago, but I was recording this morning and it felt pretty good so I thought I would share.

Please let me know if you have any comments or thought.


Very nice rendition (and guitar) :wink:

Nitpicking: the dynamics are a bit samey, but it’s probably just the lack of vocals.

I thought that was nice! Even tempo, so the rhythm and timing you are working on is getting there!

I think a lot of rock songs we learn are great for getting skills down, but without singing, or a melody line outside my skill level, get a little monotonous.

Nice and clean, sounds good :+1:

I’ve come to a fork in the road where I have sworn to no longer listen to or comment on unlisted or private tracks. If a fat fingered croaky voiced dope like me can hang it all out for the world to see and listen, so should everyone else. It’s become a pet peeve to be honest.

I passed this way because I saw Grateful Dead in the title – and we just need more Jerry around here. Gimme more Jerry, okay?

Thanks @Jozsef ! I’ve been working on consistency and I think I’m pretty close to where I want to be before I move on. Dynamics (and maybe singing) are next in the list. I do love my guitar I splurged a bit when I bought it, but I plan to have it forever.

Thanks for the feedback @Jamolay I spent the afternoon looking at some the the walk downs between chords that add a lot to this song. Hopefully I’ll have an improved version of this song in a few weeks.

Thank you for the encouragement @liaty

@CT I’m happy to share my videos within this community but really don’t see any value to making them public for everyone on YouTube. Maybe I’m missing something? I have lots of Grateful Dead songs that I can hack my way through - Brokedown Palace, Standing on the moon, Morning Dew, Loser, I know You Rider, and even a really bad version of Touch of Grey. I will eventually get around to recording all of these.

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Great job

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Some fine playing there, Rob. Clean chords, smooth changes, steady strumming, and enjoyed the clean tone. I especially noticed your hand position, the angle of the wrist … a near perfect showcase of how it should be … oh and the fingering of the A chord … the way I was first taught it and use today.

Welcome to the Community, Kenneth.

I suggest as a next action you introduce yourself over in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, sharing a little personal and guitar background, your aspirations, and where you’re at with JustinGuitar.

I thought that was pretty clean and tidy playing @Rider2040. Nice one. Love the guitar as well.

Sounds good to me Rob. As you progress you’ll learn some ways as well as getting a feel for adding dynamics.

Anything that sounds like the Dead is good for me. We do need more Jerry type things to remember. No good asking me to do it, way beyond my spectrum at the moment.
Keep on keeping on @Rider2040 good stuff.

I can only reiterate what others have said. Nicely done.

Tasty looking guitar as well.