Riptide - Vance Joy (Cover) (and a sign of life :) )

Hey there :slight_smile: It’s been a while :confused:

First of all:
Sorry for taking an unanounced break, the first half of 2022 was pretty rough and challenging, but after 2 years of an exhausting “training” and several exams I’ve finished the last part of my educational journey to become a teacher :slight_smile:

The constant evaluation took some “toll” though and e.g. I played music rather to relax and not to perform in any kind of way. So yeah, I’m glad that this stresful part is finally over and I can really enjoy getting out there again :grin:

As promised, a short musical sign of life. Nothing fancy, just a (two take :wink: ) recording that I enjoy playing at the moment after a long day :slight_smile: No need for any elaborate feedback, I just wanted to say hello :slight_smile:


Yo Max, long time no see so great to see and hear you again!
Great stuff, enjoyed it and it’s up to your usual standard so you’ve been practicing haven’t you?
Congratulations on becoming a teacher, it’s a very worthwhile job!

Hey Darrell, thank your ver much!

so you’ve been practicing haven’t you?

I picked up the guitar again a few weeks ago, but in the months prior I practiced rarely :confused:

Congratulations on becoming a teacher, it’s a very worthwhile job!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Missed you bud and great to see you returning in style, Max is bax ! :+1:
Huge congrats on qualifying and I hope you thoroughly enjoy your teaching career.
If you were just playing to relax in the past, boy that means we are in for a treat if you have now relaxed and stress free.

A song I vaguely knew and recognised but once again you just take ownership and let rip. Stunning performance and a lovely listen. Don’t stray to far !!



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Heraclitus was wrong- You can step into the same river twice!
Max, you did it! Nothing’s changed :rofl:
Well, OK- a riptide, not quite a river- but nearly the same thing :wink:
Wilkommen an Bord, Kapitän :ship:

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks mate! Feels good to be back :slight_smile:

@brianlarsen Ahoi!
haha :smile: Your comments always make my day, Brian - thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Ah-ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ahh-ah-ah Max is back. What a treat to hear you sing and play Max. Congratulations on achieving your goal and finishing the course. I wish you well with the next step.

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Hi Max glad to see you back buddy! :wave: congratz on getting your degree, hopefully teaching children will be a great fulfilling adventure for you and you’ll enjoy it a lot! And of course hopefully you will get your time with guitar back so you can gift us with such a wunderbar gifts :sweat_smile: I love the song and nice timing as I think Justin just uploaded a day ago ukulele version of this track! :sweat_smile:

You did it justice and I thoroughly enjoyed your version, had a pleasure of seeing Vance Joy live and it was a great show. If they ever stop by around your place I strongly recommend going to see them. In the meantime I hope you stick around with us :sweat_smile: all the best

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Max to the max – as it should be. Congrats on the degree and the career choice. Sounded good sir. Hope to see around more (although I’m not around as much as I used to be either).

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Hi Max,
First of all, congratulations on your exams, :bouquet: :partying_face: :de: and, Ooo you are going to make a lot of students happy with those appearances and aditute :smiley: :sunglasses:
And what is related to that, What a performance :clap: :clap: :sunglasses:, you are an artist, what a great voice, and that guitar playing with it … Teacher … are you sure? … Nice to give people a better future , but boy oh boy… Hey Music teacher… :joy:
You can make a deep bow,… :clap:BIS BIS BIS :clap:
Greetings and looking foreward to a lot more …

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That was terrific Max, lovely vocal and super playing with lots of dynamics.
Welcome back and congratulations on passing your exams. Another chapter begins! :+1:

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Really nice Max, you’ve got a terrific voice suiting that song down to a tee! Better still is the clear joy you have in playing and singing, made me smile all the way through.
And congratulations on completing your studies and becoming a teacher, hope everything goes well for you :clap: :+1:

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Great playing, great share. It’s a super popular, iconic song and I think you did a great job, especially with the singing.

Love this. Fabulous voice and your strumming is so good. Thank you for a real lift on a Saturday morning.

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Hello right back at you Max.
It is great to see and hear you smile and play.
Congratulations on becoming a fully fledged teacher! Bravo. I am sure you are looking forward to the summer weeks before you get to being Herr Mue to your students.
:clap: :smiley: :+1:

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:champagne: :champagne: :champagne:
Great to see you back again, Max. Congrats on completing the journey to qualification. Wish you every success and happiness.

Much happiness for us to enjoy your performing again. As delightful as always.

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Yes Max! Fantastic. You smashed it out of the park. I knew that song but never knew what it was called or who it was by. Great job!

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@batwoman Haha :smiley: Thank you, Maggie! :slight_smile:

@adi_mrok Thanks mate!! Yeah I saw that one, too - but I need to buy new strings for my uke since my nephews like to break them ^^

@CT: Thanks Clint! :slight_smile:

@roger_holland: Haha, thank you! You’re too kind :smiley:
I’m teaching Maths, economics & law though :stuck_out_tongue:

@sairfingers: Thank you, Gordon! :slight_smile:

@Notter: Thank you!! :slight_smile: I really enjoyed it, I’m glad you had a good time, too!

@jkahn & saturno: Thank you!!

@Richard_close2u: Thank you very much, Richard! :slight_smile:

I am sure you are looking forward to the summer weeks before you get to being Herr Mue to your students.

Oh yes! It’s 6 weeks off during summer here in Bavaria :heart_eyes:

@DavidP Thank you, David!! :slight_smile:

@SgtColon Thank you Stefan, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:


Hey teach,
Many congrats on finishing up your education and being able to pass on your learnings to others.

Nice song and good presentation. I won’t pick it apart as you requested an easy go of it. Good job and I enjoyed it…

All the best,