Riptide - Vance Joy

This is my attempt at Riptide by Vance Joy. I have been playing this for a while now, it’s the first song I had a bit of success with including vocals and playing - in the chorus, the verse was much harder. I find transitioning to the riff in the bridge is hard to do smoothly especially when recording. Even after quite a lot of practise. The song has fond memories of a summer Cornish holiday driving around with my kids all singing along together. Completely out of character for us. In my mind I imagined we may have looked something like the Sound of Music meets Wayne’s World Bohemian Rhapsody. Fun times. Thanks for listening.


Hi Alan, very well played and sung. You’re making great progress my friend. I had a quick listen to the original as I wasn’t familiar with the song. A bit more practice and you will be there to smoothly transition between the rhythm and the lead section he plays.

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This was really well played Alan well done! Really good dynamics, especially when you slowed down and picked individual strings. Overall really great job!

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I just listened and I thought it sounded great. I enjoyed it so much I looked found it was a grade 2 song and it should be within my relm. You inspired me to give that song a shot now. :call_me_hand:

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Alan, it is obvious that you put in the time practicing to get the rhythm down, smooth chord changes, strumming, and timing the vocals with it all. The part at the end where you were picking individual strings was nice and clean. Once you perfect all the transitions, I would try increasing the tempo a bit to see if you can get closer to the original!

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Nice one Alan, this is such a classic song now.

The pre-chorus riff, Justin has a version of it in his lesson based around the C chord shape where you don’t have to move your hand further up the fretboard - might be faster to get to. Could be worth checking out.


Hi Alan,
That is a beautifully played song and your singing serves the rhythm guitar in a good way :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Sounds great Alan!
Youre singing and playing sounds really good!
Well done ! :+1::grin:

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Very nice Alan :smiley:

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Whis was well done, Alan! :clap:

Singing and playing already work nicely together for this one. With a little more practice and getting used to recording situations, it will get even smoother on the transition between single picked notes and strumming. :slight_smile:

Good stuff, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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That was really good Alan. Nice vocals and a beautiful and relaxed strumming style. Great job!

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Thank you all,

@Socio @adi_mrok @ontime1969 @GinaRose @jkahn @roger_holland @tRONd @Avalon426 @Lisa_S @Eddie_09

For listening and your kind and supportive comments very much appreciated.

@Socio, quite surprised your not familiar with this song James, very pleased that I prompted you to check it out, hope you liked it.

Thanks @adi_mrok and @GinaRose , I have been using palm muted also trying to build a bit after the bridge, recently I have used individual string picking type strum based on Good Riddance time of your life.

It totally is for me, still sounds fresh after spending a lot of time with it. Thanks for heads up about Justins lesson, I did watch it at the time it came out quite pleased I had done a song before he had put a lesson out.

@ontime1969 Hi Jason, give it a go, its great fun to play the chords are quite friendly, just the strumming to work on to get it sounding cool. Good luck, will look forward to seeing your version when and if you feel upto it.

Thanks Eddie glad it appeared so, I really enjoy a percussive strum but have been hindered slightly recently with a frozen shoulder, thankfully on the road to improvement now.

Thanks again all, its really great to hear all your comments.

Best wishes,



That was really nicely done, Alan. Playing and singing were great. Plenty of mixing it up in there that kept it interesting.

Nice backstory also. Have you played it for your kids yet?

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Thanks Stefan for having a listen and feedback, much appreciated.
My son is around when I am playing guitar so he hears quite a bit, not really listening willingly, I do catch him occasionally singing some of the songs I have played so I think there is a subliminal absorption going on. My daughter is in the throws of being a fully blown teenager now and so I have to tread carefully around her and she is not really keen on my guitar playing, and she spends most of her time at her Mums. Best wishes, Alan

This sounds great! I think as your confidence grows so will your performance!

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Nice job man. Well executed

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Thanks Peter @LPeterL and Dom @Blobbyblob for listening and supportive words. Much appreciated.