RipX DeepRemix Audio Platform

Following @TheMadman_tobyjenner post ever wanted to remove vocals from your favourite tracks I decided to give the RipX DeepRemix software module a trial run.

The RipX software is a module-based audio platform. There are two modules that can be purchased, DeepRemix and Deep Audio.

  • The DeepRemix module provides the tools for separating audio files into vocal, instrumental, bass and drum stems and for creating songs from samples using a variety of effects.
  • The DeepAudio includes the DeepRemix module and adds more advanced tools for manipulating the audio e.g. harmonic, amplitude and frequency levels.

Upon opening the DeepRemix Module you are presented with the following user interface.

To rip the audio you just need to drag and drop the audio file onto RipX. You are then presented with the options to select for the rip. The less options you choose the quicker the rip will be. If you only need to create stems from the audio for your DAW then you just need to select save stems only. I’ve found that rip time estimate is a bit like installing most software where it says its going to take 15 minutes but the time jumps down a lot quicker.


When you create a rip lets say for all options you are then presented with the following on the user interface (since Toby is a big Who fan I did a tral run with squeeze box):

If you don’t like the way the notes are presented you can change to straight notes.

The stems are broken down in to levels. You can mute what ever levels you don’t want to here or even delete them. The quality of the rips seemed good to my ears.

With the DeepRemix Module you can edit the pitch, rhythm, note duration, tempo and time, volume and EQ, and create loops. You can also copy and paste notes between different rips and different parts of the same rips, create mashups etc. I did like how it automatically works out the bpm of the song and lets you adjust it to whatever bpm you want to use.

You can then export in a range of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC, OGG, MIDI (containing all pitch and amplitude changes within notes) and MIDI Notes (containing just the overall pitch and amplitude for each note). Depending on the selected file format, you can then choose from a selection of bit-depths and sample rates as well as between Stereo and Mono.

First impressions, it looks like a decent bit of software. If you don’t want to sing you could easily strip the guitar and leave the vocals, drums and bass to play along with. If your learning a song you can change the BPM to slow it down. Similarly, if you’re struggling with a specific section of the song you could generate a loop of that section. It worth giving it a free try and if its something that you could see yourself using then shop around I think it is slightly cheaper to buy from Thomann than direct. Unless you were going to go deep into editing the cheaper version DeepRemix is more than adequate.

Great review James.

It really sounds quite good and very flexible. I like the idea you can just strip the stems, as well as remove individual parts. That would allow greater flexibility for panning and additional fx when creating a DAW project. I’ll do that with the midi based BTs I create, say leaving the guitar part and or vocals in, to play lower in the mix while getting a feel of the songs and especially timing. Then either mute or deleted them, when in full recording mode.

Currently £72 at Thomann, which is 10% than buying direct. I see they have other products listed as comparisons, so there may be cheaper options but RipX does look good.

Good share !


Toby - this video done by Steve Stine is a good one to watch as you can see and hear the software in action (jump to time 4.10) before he takes the stems to his DAW Isolate, Learn, Jam Along and Remix ANY Audio Tracks | RipX DeepRemix - YouTube

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Watched the vid. Man that’s impressive isolation. I noticed on the web based ones I highlighted there was still some underlying faint sound of the piece that had been stripped. Not a big issue if you are playing or singing over those parts.

I’ll keep this app in mind for future use maybe :thinking:



I gave it a shot ripping knockin’ on heaven’s door and deleting the main vocals and leaving the backing vocals :wink:

What I also noticed was that in some instances the various software packages can pick up for example guitar as vocals etc. So when you strip things out it might not actually strip everything that you wanted stripped and vice versa. If you have really good ears on DeepRemix you can select those stray items and reassign them to the appropriate stem/level. Or you could add additional levels an separate say for example the lead guitar.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner just to let you know that the DeepRemix software is 25% off until the 14th August 2022. So for the DeepRemix module which is more than enough for us the cost is now £59.

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