Rmking60 - January 2024 - Heroes - David Bowie + One More Try - George Michael + Harvest Moon - Neil Young

…full disclosure, I skipped listening to the George Michael song, but I will get back to it later today…

David Bowie is one of my music heroes. I have tried playing this song and when I play it, it sounds just bland.There is something missing when I play it … Quirkiness and character. And my 8th note strumming… just boring. So I put the song to the side for the moment.

Your version though… It’s artful :slightly_smiling_face: The video angle, the strumming, the singing. You made this iconic song your own. Bravo :slightly_smiling_face:

“OM Harvest” your playing and singing is on such a high level, of course you are not completely happy with the recording :star_struck: There is something in your voice that makes me listen.Your playing and the recording sound professional… But at the same time there is a lot of character. I have nothing else to comment. Well done :slightly_smiling_face:

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JokuMuu, I must say you are so very thoughtful and I feel appreciated. Encouraged. Please send me a song. _R

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Thanks tRONd. My sibs passed it as fodder, but I’m goning to say your vote good was third party and I’ll probably keep playing Old Man, now especially because I’m old too. Thanks for commenting my friend!