Road Case Editing

On the old forums we had time-limited edit permissions in our own road case threads, and also the ability to delete posts in that thread.

If it’s feasible, I’d love to have the unlimited (no time limit) ability to edit my own posts in my road case thread, here. The reason is because I’d like the first post to act as an index of links, and I’d like to be able to update that as time goes on.

On the old forum, I managed this by creating a new post with both the old and updated content, and then deleting the original post (and any other posts that were “in between”). Edit ability would make this much more convenient and useful.

Not sure if that is possible, but I thought it couldn’t hurt to make the request. :slight_smile:

JWC, I know as trust levels increase the time window one has to edit your posts increases. I’m not sure if it ever gets to unlimited.

The same capability would be useful when setting up the roster for a Community OM. Would be more user-friendly to have the Roster on the first Post of an event Call For Interest Topic and be able to edit it over the couple of months before the events as people sign-up.