Roadie coach

Has anyone used Roadie Coach to record your playing and singing? The concept seems to make sense, but is it worth the money and time to learn how to use it? I wouldn’t bother with the learning new songs feature, but the other features might work.
I’d love to hear from anyone that has one.

Nope garage band for me and irig hd2

The only review I can find in this is here, and it’s not that positive:

I would get a normal AI or similar.



Thank you.
I’ve also read the reviews, but it seems like a good way to get my progress into my computer. Two small microphones, one dedicated to the guitar and the other my voice, both recording on different channels, could work better than propping up my phone to try and record my progress. I was just hoping that someone in this group has actually tried it.

I read the review tha @Majik posted, and it confirms my rule for buying tech and software; never buy version 1.0, and never buy anything that’s been on release less than 12 months

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I’d go for a decent Zoom recorder which you could also use for your own semi-pro home recordings with multiple versatile inputs while you manage your own practice schedules on the JustinGuitar site or your own log on paper or spreadsheet.

The markating failed to convey the added value of the “feedback” it is supposed to be giving you

Thanks, I will check that out.

a possible example is the R4 Multitrak;
It seems to be the spiritual successor of the Zoom H4(n)

Built in mic
2 combo inputs
AND it is an audio interface.

I still use my old H4n for interviews, recording sketches in the rehearsal room or even do live recrdings of myself, using mic in, guitar in and built in mic.

That is just what I’m looking for, thanks!