Rob From New Zealand

Hi Everyone!

Picked up the guitar again after a short ~30 ish year break, loving the new online resources and websites like this!

Hows it going everyone? Whats your top for someone getting back into it?


Welcome to the community Rob.
Follow Justin’s beginner course and you’ll be uo and playing in
no time.

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Cheers, I would but Im in work bah :smiley:

A 30ish year break? Nah nothin’ :grin: Rob

Stick with the plan Justin gives you, take your time, enjoy the discovery and share your recordings with us.

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Welcome to the forums. My wife is originally from Napier. I played my first ever open mic in NZ about 9 years ago. Fun fun fun. Keep at it, make playing part of your daily routine.

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Hello Rob!
Welcome to the community and it’s great seeing you take a deep dive and getting into here as well rather than just dipping a toe into the website and some videos. If you integrate practice and playing into your life/daily routine, even with work and private obligations it‘ll be working just fine.

I am the commercial Head of a company with all the joy and stress this thing brings + have an intact private life + adding 3/4 training days/afternoons and still find time to play several hours per week. It’s all just a matter of willpower and organization, :slight_smile: as well as an highly occupied significant other :slight_smile:

Justin‘s lessons will give you a clear structure to stick to right in the beginning so you‘ll not have to worry about this much.
Have an awesome learning journey! There are many nice people around here to help you out if needed. @DavidP said to me the other day something like: „This community is the safest space around here to have for such learning endeavors.“ I thinks he’s right.



Hello Rob and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:


Enjoy the journey, resist the temptation to rush to the destination.


Welcome onboard Rob, have fun! As regards the question:
Very simple really, go back to the basics and Learn songs………learn songs………learn songs…….

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Cheers! its funny have all the same issues as starting out 1st time (string buz, fingers not doing things etc) but I know its normal, no problems ! :slight_smile:

Not been to Napier yet! Was planning to recently but you know… covid…

Also not planning any open mic nights either but who knows!

@Kutzsche I’d second David’s comment. Thanks to our magnificent mods @Richard_close2u and @LievenDV who keep the boat steady. :love_you_gesture: :love_you_gesture:

As well as being an environment where people are accepting, folks here are generous in celebrating and encouraging learning, helpful and problem solving when questions are asked and each inspiring in their own way.

Being a member of this community is very much part of my progress. It helps keep the fires burning.


So an hour and a half playing things like wish you were here on the acoustic last night and my fingertips are trashed haha.

Thanks for all the amazing comments everyone, really appreciate the support in here!

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It’s a great place to visit, especially if you can make the annual Art Deco weekend.

Yeah looks it been most places (landscape photography) but not to the east coast proper on the north island!

had a ferry booked for end of March 2020… sigh…

A belated welcome Rob. Think most folk have pointed you in the right direction. Follow the yellow brick road, well the the JG path anyway ! :sunglasses:

Thanks mate! Following along quite nicely at the moment…