Rob Zombie - Dragula (Cover, Audio Only)

Hi Everyone, I hope I’m following the rules right and that it’s OK to post here before contributing to other posts. Any feedback is welcome for a beginner like me :slight_smile: (almost 2 years with me and my guitar)!


That sounds great! :metal::guitar:

You managed to get a really really similar sound for your guitar. I’d have liked that you recorded yourself with a camera to see how this is actually played to maybe copy you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t have any suggestions because I wouldn’t have done it any better :sweat_smile:

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Thanks man! I’m seriously flattered! I’ve been putting off learning how to sync a video with the recording :sweat_smile: I should probably figure that out.

This is my first time sharing my guitar work stuff; thanks a lot for the support! :grin: :grin: :guitar:


Welcome to the Community, Brendan.

Before getting to your production, there aren’t any rules as to when you can begin to share. As you say, our Community ethos is about mutual support and encouragement, so it is appreciated when members support each other, not just post recordings. I’ve subsequently seen you active elsewhere.

What we don’t like is people who join and post simply to find another channel to share their music, to drive up views, likes, and subscribes.

I suggest you introduce yourself and share some guitar background and focus in #community-hub:introduce-yourself and some members go further and start a journal to record their learning and progress in #community-hub:learning-logs

And on to the production. Sounds pretty impressive for 2 years of learning. I assume that you obtained a backing track for drums, bass, vocals, and recorded guitar parts over those? Guitar rhythm and tone sounded good for the genre.

For video recording and syncing, I suggest you investigate OBS. I use it and can route audio from my DAW and video from phone and webcam. You can read about that in #gear-tools-talk:hardware-software-recroding

Keep rocking, see you round


Thanks David! I’m hoping to find a community to talk about music and don’t care about being famous on YouTube (although maybe… :thinking:… nah)

The backing track I used had all the music except guitar in it, so ya, just recorded the guitar parts over it. Thanks for the support!

I’ll take a look at OBS! Time to bite the smoking bullet and see my covid weight gains immortalized forever on the internet.

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We love to talk about music here, making music, listening to music, and anything somewhat related (sometimes totally unrelated :grin:) Look forward to you joining the conversations.

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