Robs Learning Log

Hi everyone!

I’m back after a 30 year break, played a lot in my teens but never had any real structured learning.

Have a nice Crafter electric acoustic and an old beat les paul copy.

So jumping in today with JG and made it through to the end of the A chord video, will need to adjust how I finger that one thanks Justin ! :slight_smile:

First run though some of the early lessons and I really like Justin’s voice and teaching method, so looking forward to running through a lot more.

Much easier learning a second time around as you understand a little more about the ah challenges of getting your fingers working !

Also headed out to pick up a few necessaries from the rock shop this morning ( strap, capo) and the obligatory new guitar:

Well what can I say. Isnt it traditional? The guitar is spending the week with their luthier as it wasnt quite setup as I wanted. Quite a day!


Rob what a great start to your Log.

This has me in fits of laughter, I like your style! Gorgeous new guitar, just gorgeous. Of course you need a new guitar to go with the capo and strap, no question!

I can’t wait till we hear you playing your new guitar.


Its an early birthday present, always wanted a genuine les paul, and yes its ‘only’ an epiphone but I dont care, come at me haha

Got the green to go with my purple sunburst crafter acoustic


Nice Rob, you bought a guitar that’s on my wishlist! However not anytime soon :see_no_evil: let me know how it is once it’s in your hand and you give it a good spin :slight_smile:


Both guitars look fabulous, Rob. enjoy getting back into it and look forward to hearing you play in due course.

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Love the guitars, they look fantastic! Can’t wait to hear how good they sound. Have fun with them and enjoy the course.

Ah, the journey interrupted. Glad to see you have decided to see what’s around the bend. Looking forward to hearing your progress and sharing your enjoyment.

Wow, such beautiful guitars :star_struck::star_struck:. Congratulations. Looking forward to learn more from your journey.

Thanks everyone!

Still not managed another of Justins lessons, spent a while playing with setup etc.

I found my old multi effects pedal thing and power supply so got that working with headphones for some more electric fun.

Then used a rocksmith cable to connect up to my PC, grabbed the demo/free version of amplitube and had a play round with that, looks some quality software but expensive, good you can record/sample yourself playing and has a lot of nice effects.

Also found guitarTuna on my phone (and Justin guitar app) . GuitarTuna seems to be really nice and accurate tuning .

Luckily tho my ear is still pretty good at identifying notes and tuning manually but this makes it much easier…

So no guitar amp at the moment (used to have a fender pro-185 but its way too noisy for home use), might see if I can grab Bluetooth connection from the guitar/pedal to the stereo?

Anyhow on to playing, stuck with the ol electric yesterday as Saturday destroyed my fingertips on the acoustic, still not tough enough but threw the new capo on and worked on some fingerpicking and chord changes, found an awesome song to have a go at, just the right level of difficulty plus the online tab is wrong so was nice to work out whats wrong and figure out whats right by ear, then found an old live video of the song and confirmed my ideas are on the right line!

So between that and a strumy wish you were here, and some half remembered bits and pieces I’m really happy with my progress, hopefully I’ll be up to recording a go at the song mentioned above and putting it up here this week, after a few more actual lessons watched.

Plus I need to practice that new A chord fingering Justin has!


I second what others have said - beautiful guitars! Sounds like you still remember quite a lot from your earlier days - that’s pretty impressive and should serve you well. My only advice would be to try to take your time even with the lessons that cover topics you are already comfortable with. Looking forward to hearing and seeing you around here.

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Thanks! I was drooling at the full Gibson Slash version didnt realise this even existed, guess it didnt until recently? Wasnt expecting a new guitar but my wife surprised me

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Well wouldn’t mind Gibson personally but not for next years to come, I am not that wealthy haha! :rofl:

Yeah I am lucky at the moment to be in this position, when I first learned I bought a £20 wreck from a salvage shop, some knock off SG copy that barely worked, broken nut etc, stripped it down and painted it with hammerite haha I think thats still sat at my mums

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OK few more lessons, 101 a/d chord changes in 60 seconds, sore fingers and a sore arm now :joy:

That new a chord fingeribg is still causing me problems need to shift where my thumb sits to what I’m used too.

Electric tomorrow easier on fingers…

I might be obsessed. At work but checking out CAGED chord stuff and adding new songs to my tab list which is growing rapidly


Dude, you are on FIRE!! :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Cheers, not quite, forcing myself to take a break tonight anyhow, give my fingers some rest…

OK distracted again, long way off doing this (or the Greensleeves one…)

I need to get some rock going on too haha

Not much visual progress but I did spend last night practicing A/D chords and I am getting there with Justins A chord fingering, can hit it cleanly almost every time, still occasionally getting my palm on the high e but mostly there.

So I’ve signed myself off on g1/m1 now :slight_smile:

Module 2 should go quickly I think, its good seeing my hands start to do what they should be doing :smiley:


Ok so this is becoming more diary like every day! Apologies if its boring…

Worked through quite a bit last night in a couple hours.

Grade 1/module 2 went quickly, all good with the E chord, strumming and grooving to the blues brothers.

Module 3, already knew Em and Am, played a couple of the practice songs first and all good, had a play with the capo and for a brief moment became Jack White.

Smashed out some Lenny Kravitz to finish up.

Loaded up module 4 but called it quits before really getting into it as my finger tips are done in, might take a break today (should get the Les Paul tomorrow), know my (3rd) finger isnt finding the B string for the Dm but I think Justin will teach 1-2-4 so I wont worry too much as yet.

So far been a strange mix of yeah all good and omg noe thats hard relearning…