Rock course - videos not playing (mod note, query resolved)

Cant get any videos to play in the rock course.
Is there a problem

which rock course , this one?

Yes other courses show video ok
But this one not

Welcome Christopher!

that course doesn’t have videos, it’s just the writing and the backing tracks/MP3/pdf files. There’s a module in grade 2 that has power chords and some other rock techniques that does have videos. For what it’s worth, I think that course still has a lot of value and recommend it as someone who’s primary focus in learning is rock. It’s a great course for learning power chords and I recommend it!

Thanks for reply
At least i know been trying everything to get them to play

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Yeah, to be fair it’s not super clear that there aren’t any since the format looks similar to the video lessons he has. I think one indication is the icon next to the lesson name. Video lessons have little video symbol instead of the pages: