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Does anyone know a good book on Bob Dylan, would be interested to read a biography or a history of his life and music. There are a few out there but a good author can make a bio come alive.

Hi Brad,

He published his autobio, Chronicles: Volume One back in 2004. You may also want to check out Clinton Heylin’s writings on him, though I’m not sure if he’s his official biographer or not.

Hi BradV,

I’m big Dylan fan, and have read a few books about him, but I haven’t read a general bio in a long time. This article has some recommendations:

(I’m thinking of reading the Heylin bio myself).

I can recommend two books mentioned in the article above: Chronicles, Vol. 1, written by the man himself, and Positively 4th St., which focuses on the early Dylan years in the NY folk scene.

Chronicles is by no means comprehensive, but looks at two or three specific periods of Dylan’s life. It’s got some great stuff.

Positively 4th St. devotes roughly equal time to Dylan, Joan Baez, Mimi Baez (Joan’s sister) and Richard Fariña. If you’re interested in the whole early-60s folk revival stuff (which I am), this book is great.

Not quite what you asked, but have you seen the Scorsese documentary “No Direction Home”? Basically, it traces Dylan’s life from his high school days up till around 1965. It’s great and a large fraction of it is interviews with Dylan.

+1 on that suggestion.

Nice i will check out those suggestions thanks

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