Roger’s learning log

So, I recently introduced myself as Roger, an old dog from Ohio, along with a brief bio.
I’ve reached Justin Guitar beginner grade level 3 module 17. I’m really enjoying the use of chord embellishments. I’m currently at a point where I’ve been able to map out the fretboard and pick out individual notes up and down the guitar neck, which has enabled me to understand chord structure and the fingering of individual chords and triads. Once you realize that there are only 7 notes plus their respective sharps and flats that repeat themselves in a pattern up and down the fretboard, it all comes into focus. I’ve come to understand the CAGED chord system, barre chord shapes in that system, and accompanying pentatonic and major scale patterns. Knowing the chord shapes and actually playing and changing them on time within a song then becomes the challenge for a newer player like myself. Ear training and Practice Practice Practice! My song book is growing along with my confidence. Talk soon.


Roger, It sounds like you are making good progress towards the skills that will make the step up to grade 4 easier. I am at Grade 3, finishing module 15 and starting module 16, so I will be interested in seeing the types of study activities and songs you are learning as you record progress in your learning log.

Great stuff Roger, nice to see you’ve got your groove working well.

Hi Roger, nice to read what an advanced beginner is doing.

Updating what I’m currently working toward: hoping to become able to play chords and the most common chord progressions in any major/minor key without having to stop and really think about it. Don’t know when I’ll get to that point, but I’ve incorporated this as a portion of my daily practice routine by picking a random key, going through the chords in that key, checking my accuracy, and then playing different progressions in open position chords as well as moveable chords. Once comfortable in that regard, my next step is putting it to use in a song structure using Garage Band (my daw), backing tracks, or a song learning app (MOISES) that I purchased. I have learned and know what the chords are in every major and minor key including #’s and b’s. Putting that into practice is where understanding the fretboard and chord structure becomes extremely important, especially when playing dominant 7 chords which are essential in playing the blues.

Hope all of you and your families had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!