Roland GR55

Anyone using one of these?

This looks really cool. Apart from all the sonic possibilities that a guitar synth can provide, I love that it can convert your guitar into a MIDI controller. This will allow you to play any MIDI instrument with your guitar (if you are into that), which opens endless possibilities.

Hope you’ll find someone who owns or used this and that can give you advice. Good luck.

Welcome aboard Btubb & Nadim86!
The point about the MIDI is interesting - if the guitar were used as MIDI controller, it should make it pretty easy to use it for transcribing music.
I haven’t got a synth pedal, but do find them interesting. If this one isn’t in the right ballpark, then Boss do the SY-1 synth pedal is about 1/3 of the price or less. There is less functionality, but I guess it depends on one’s needs.

Well its a unhelpful no from me but just wanted to say hello and welcome.

Hi Bob & Nadim :wave:


Thanks everyone for your responses, like everything to do with music (and life), so much to learn and so little time to learn it all.

I would be interested to know how well it does that.

I have a Boss GT-001 which also has the option to convert the played notes to MIDI and, in my experience, it’s pretty much unusable.

Of course, that could be my lousy playing :smile:



Hi Majik, like you I’m doubting that I would have the guitar and technical skills to get the best out of it. But it does look really impressive on you tube!

The Jamstik Studio Midi Guitar is about the same price. It might be a better option.

There is also a software option you could look into. USD $150.00

Interesting! So much great stuff out there. Thanks

Resurrecting this discussion because I’m currently at a bar, and the guitarist has a really interesting set up.

He has a Yamaha stringed guitar with a hex pickup, with a Starr Labs goTar MIDI controller attached to it.

These run into a Roland VG-99 guitar system. He plays the goTar for keyboard parts.

He also has a Roland PK-5 Bass pedal.

All in all a a pretty slick setup and a talented dude to play it all so well.



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