Roland Recordings - 4th July (Is This The Way To Amarillo Cover By Tony Christie,Karma Police Cover By Radiohead)

Vocals needs to be better but I am going to learn that.


Thanks Roland, I am new here to listening to people play live and hear their recordings and I’m really enjoying it, all the songs presented give me inspiration to try and get to the point where I can be as good as all the people here.

I liked your rendition and you tapered to quiet ending very well as a way of closing the song, it was well presented.

Thank you and keep having fun.

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Thank you.
It is a great Community here. You will get a lot of help. Don’t hesitate to ask when you need help.

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Well done Roland - keeping some complex strumming and picking going through the vocals!

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Very nice performance Roland!

Hi Roland,

The time and groove was good when you were strumming and the chords sounded fairly clean - the fingerpicking needs a bit more work to my ear.
Your guitar sounds out of tune to me - tuning it up would make it more enjoyable to listen to for me, and also easier to sing along to, I would imagine.
Keep up the good work. And keep singing and improvements will surely come.

I had the capo ln the 3rd fret.
On the app garageband I changed the vocals to something else than natural. Maybe thats way because the microphone also records the guitar as well. So you have the recording with the guitar twice.

Hello Roland, this song was one of my very first favourite songs when I was a child. Thanks for bringing back memories :blush:.

Your strumming sounds great, you seem to be very comfortable with it. The picking is a bit tricky. But I’m sure, with a bit more practicing it will soon sound great as well :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

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Hello Roland, I agree with you…you need to work more on the vocals, but…hey I absolutely love the guitar ! That is quite impressive playing to my ear!

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