Rolandson Audio recordings Heros By David Bowie Cover

Peggy Sue By Buddy Holly Cover

Eleanor Rigby By The Beatles Cover

Eleanor Rigby is not a good song for ne when it comes to vocals


A couple of good songs there Roland especially Peggy Sue. Well done.
There is something not quite right with your strumming patterns in both songs though.
You always post audio of your songs on SoundCloud. Is there any way you can post videos? You’ll get much better feedback if we can actually see what you’re doing.

What do you mean? The microphone is also recording the strumming. Maybe you hear the strumming twice

Well done Roland on both tracks. Peggy Sue was cracking.

I think what @sairfingers Gordon means is that the strumming pattern doesn’t quite match the song on Eleanor Rigby, so maybe that is something you need to have a look at? Try playing along to the original to see if that helps with the pattern but Peggy Sue sounded good to me.

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Vocals are not that good, I guess

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There are glitches on the recording.

Sounding good Roland. Vocals, well there is nothing wrong with them. Good job.

I recorded this song bevor but now I use Justin tabs.

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I’m not sure Roland, do you not just click on the pencil icon and it allows you to do it from there?

Also I cannot get your link to open.

It does not work with the pencil

Peggy sue sounding good :+1: nicely done :v:

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Take Me Home Country Road By John Denver Cover

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Good stuff Roland. You had me singing along.

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Thank you. It is a good song.