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[Stream WhiteRabbit By Jefferson Airplane Cover by Rolandson | Listen online for free on SoundCloud](https://White Rabbit By Jefferson Airplane Cover)

My first recording after a while. I thought I have to stop playing because of health reasons. Fingerstyle is not going to work but I still can strumm.
I recorded this song with garageBand but I have no clue how to record mic and guitar together with two audiotracks. This recording is with one audio track


Nice effort Roland. Strumming sounded good but your vocals were very low. I guess that’s why you mentioned about recording with a mic. Sorry I cannot help you on that front as I don’t use Garageband.

I hope your health issues are getting better.

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Hi Roland -

Nice work!
To record two inputs on Garageband you will first need an audio interface with two inputs (I use the focusrite 2i2, but there are loads, and you may already have one).
In Garageband you can add another track with the little ‘+’ button just above the one track you have already.

When you hit this you will see a new window open with ‘Create a new track’, if you are adding a mic for audio then select ‘Mic or Line’, and a new track should appear.

There will be a little ‘recording settings’ box at the bottom half of the Garageband window, select the new track and then make sure you have the right ‘input’ selected under ‘recording settings’.

This all sounds more complex than it is!

There are probably a ton of youtube videos with but better tutorials :slight_smile:
hope the health issues improve for you.
all the best

I have the same scarlett. Mic is 1 and guitar 2.
What I can’t do is record both together. Just audio 1 or 2.

Have you got two tracks in Garageband? If so, are they set to ‘Record Enable’ in the track header?

Yes two tracks. Where is that? I only record the track what I clicked on

‘Right’ click in the track area …

Select ’ Configure Track Header’ and select ‘Record Enable’

Then make sure both tracks are ‘armed’ for record (little circle next to the monitir (headphones) button on each track. Should blink red when armed.

Disclaimer - I’m in no way a Garageband expert - others will know a lot more than me, but this works for me!

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Thank you very much

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Way to go Rolandson!

imho, that’s a really hard song to do. The vocals are so syncopated and not following the guitar. Ya captured it real well man.

Sorry I can’t help ya with how you want to record though. I use waveform12. When I want to do 2 tracks together, I just arm both tracks to record. Good thing is, others have got ya covered though.

Well done on that song!

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That’s Entertainment by The Jam cover