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I was practicing Rolling in the Deep by Adele from the Pop Songbook, and playing the C5 root at the third fret on the 5th string as it mentions in the app. However, on Justin’s video it plays the C5 at the 8th fret on the 6th string.

So my question is if I didn’t have the app and was going off a sheet and no TAB, how do I know where to play the power chord on the neck, and does it make a difference?

You would so I’d play it where it felt the most comfortable. For me that would be 3rd fret
root on A string.
Just watched the opening of the video and Justin sliding between chord so that problibly
why he’s using the C chord at the 8th fret


Hi @VirtualM
The slightly quirky timing of the chord changes, and the sliding between them, make 6th string root power chords a preferred choice for this.
Playing on the 5th string would not sound too different - the timbre would be subtly different but you may not detect it. However, the fact of not being able to slide for those changes would make it jump and lose some of the quality that sliding between chords provides.
A simple chord chart would not necessarily give this information. TAB would. I’m curious that the app has C5 at fret 3.

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Thank you, I will practice with the 6th string as that does make sense.
The Bb is also on the 5th root in the app, as well as the C5.