Rolling The Dice

Some of you may remember me picking up a 4 string JD cigar box a while back. Although I was happy with it, I was disappointed with the naff tone and volume knobs. When ordering straps for the new ASTATs and a selection of picks for BLIM, I also picked up a more suitable pair of di.
In my opinion it now looks :100:% better !

Old ones shown for comparison, yuk !


Awesome Toby :+1:

I can highly recommend tone rider pickups. I’ve had both P90 and Humbuckers so far and happy with both.

Edit: ah, sorry re-read your post, tone and volume knobs. Still tonerider worth a mention…

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Some might say if you’re playing a JD cigar box 4-string: Naff is good! :rofl:
Write a humorous drinking song :wink:

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Knobs look nice now, Toby! Would love to hear some tones out of it!

Well it could come out to play during BLIM, with some Blues slide. Watch this space. :sunglasses:


Seasick Madman


Just a week ago I saw and heard Seasick Steve do some pretty incredible things with a garden hoe and a Mississippi license plate. He even managed to get the Boss to change his setlist, inserting some blues and dedicating it to SS. So expectations are high - very high :wink:

Oh dear I may have to disappoint some folks. :rofl:

I’m sure everyone on here will be very supportive :wink:

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That sounds awesome! Glad to hear the upgrades made such a difference. Looking forward to seeing it next time!

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