Rory's Strat

@rorystrat … got a spare £700k?


@mathsjunky if only…

But I think that guitar should only ever have been in the master’s hands.

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Can I get it like Rory did and pay 13s 6d a week ?

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I’d seen that video already cos the algorithms got me straight away for obvious reasons.

Being a Rory freak from an early age, I put my own Strat together from parts based on Rory’s spec and that was before the tribute model came out. I couldn’t afford that let alone the real thing. So one thing I would not agree with in that video is that Rory preferred the skinny frets and didn’t like jumbo frets. I seem to think the opposite. For someone who played live most nights I can’t see how the skinny frets would have survived. I also seem to recall learning that he’d had the neck radius changed. So on my version I got a Robert Cray MIM tribute neck which is 9.5 radius. He also had the lower tone control wired so that it worked on the bridge pickup.

Sorry for being such a gear anorak but If anyone wants to offer me £1m for mine they are welcome. Peter