Run to the Hills | Iron Maiden

For I long time I wanted to do a cover of the mighty Iron Maiden, but I could never really decide which song to pick. So many classics, but I went for this one because of the raw energy that still hits me after all those years.

I was a bit sceptic that I would be able to keep up with the tempo, but if a bunch of veterans can still pull it off than it should be a piece of cake for a rookie half their age. (Right? :sweat_smile:) Things got even worse when I realized Nico Mcbrain is not much of a click track drummer and pushes the tempo up by 10% or so halfway through the song - argh.

I’m slightly disappointed that I could’t play the intro with the bends like the record. I tried, but getting all 20 of them in tune is too ambitious at this point. I understand why Justin suggests to play slides or hammer-ons instead, especially in a live setting. I guess it sounds more or less ok.

Here we go, hope you like it!


Woohoo!! That was awesome, Jeff!! Love that track and you’ve nailed it! :metal::hushed:

Great palm muted gallops throughout, I find those quite tricky to get consistent and also to maintain when transitioning between those and straight strums, yours sounded killer!

I haven’t ever attempted this track, so great to see it played. I thought your intro with hammer-ons sounded really good. I checked another cover to see how it is played with bends and can see what you mean, it does sound more authentic but would be super hard to nail live, and then only a few real enthusiasts would care about the difference I reckon. In saying that, I am needing to work on bending (I suck atm!! :joy:) so that intro looks like a workout and a half!! Might incorporate it into my practice :wink:

Also, brilliant camera work! Cool angles and made it very engaging to watch.

Fantastic job, Jeff, loving your work mate!! :metal: :sunglasses:

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Jeff, that was aweeeeesome! I loved it. One of my favourite metal tracks and you absolutely nailed it. Well done that man, 10 out of 10. :metal: :metal:

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That’s good to hear. It’s something I’m hoping to do more often, especially for the longer (> 4 min) songs. I feel single camera’s (or dual with the same shot) might get repetitive. That’s why I’ve been focusing on shorter songs.

Ideally I’d like to attach a second cam/phone to the headstock to get a better angle down the neck, but I’m not comfortable with that (yet). It’s almost as if having it attached to the guitar limits my playing and movement in some way.

Cheers, much appreciated!

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Sounding great, Jeff :love_you_gesture: keep at it and you’ll soon have the bends down too :v:

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Absolutely fantastic, Jeff :fire::metal::fire:!
I’ve just started working on power chords, and it was so interesting and inspiring watching you play that song :star_struck:.

Great t-shirt, too :smiley:.

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Wow, great playing Jeff! You rock!

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