Rut Busters ep.1 The Language Of Music

This first Rut Buster video with Captain Anderton was lots of fun, a bit rambling, but think we explore some cool ideas!

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I stumbled across rut busters as well as Lee’s private lesson at "The Captain's Privates" Lesson #1! Lee's private guitar lessons with Justin! - YouTube

In the private lesson Lee struggled with the alternate picking and he has been playing for many years. I’ve been doing alternate picking with the G Major scale for many years but when I recently started to practice with a metronome I struggled when I tried to focus on my timing.

Justin covers most of the same tips in his lessons but it was good to see how Lee was challenged as well. Lesson Video was a bit long but I found it and helpful and I plan to continue watching the rest of the series.

The fresh air of wisdom and experience in this is really great. Fundamental, but what I seek and sideswiped so long is here and around the next bend it seems. No, I can not think my self into a new way of playing no matter how good it sounds in my mind.

I will devour this series, thanks for this!