Rut Busters ep.3 Chord Specific Licks

In this session we figure out how and why some licks work over only some chords and we explore that general territory!

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This rut buster series is great tutaledge. I’ve done and played things for years that while sounding dissonant, running the gamut from slight awesome bite colours to junkyard grinding crashes, I never dove in to really figure out why.

Of course the answer is logically based in the details and feels good to really understand it. Similar to slipping from minor to dorian or other mode but the diatonic scale has dangerous notes so just sticking to the pentatonic forms seems to work pretty well in those situations.

I will stress, for my personal tastes and general approach to music, that I really do believe that there are no wrong notes. How you use them is key. A slight chromatic gliss or slide can make a world of sonic difference to the feel of a groove. Hanging out on a bad street corner is not recommended for anyone.

I understand the “never ever” approach, which I’m sure is sage advice for beginner to intermediate, I’m betting the “however when” and “like this” for these notes is sure to come farther on up the road.

Play a wrong note once it’s a mistake play it again and you’re playing Jazz. :sweat_smile:

:thinking:,…But awful isn’t really pleasing to your listeners …

Stop hitting this awful note !