Sairfingers checking in

Wow, I feel I’ve entered a new and undiscovered world! This new forum is very different. It’ll take me a while to come to grips with the new system.

I like lists and headings. This place is all icons and things that pop up and then won’t go away unless I close down the whole thing and then open it up again! :joy:.

I’ll get there eventually. :grinning:
Looking forward to all the usual music, banter, chat and advice once I’ve figured it all out.

Well, that’s post number 1. Onwards and upwards.


Good to see you here, Gordon.

I can say it took me a good few hours of time on the COmmunity to become comfortable, but relatively quickly it now feels like home.

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Welcome @sairfingers
do’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

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Note that you can only make 12 posts in your first day as I have just found out, although I have just replied to this!!

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Hi Gordon, so good seeing you here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha I think 12 will be plenty! :grinning:

It appears I have hit my 12 as can’t post any new posts.

Also can’t work out how to add a quote in a reply. No obvious way of doing it!

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Hey @Stuartw to add a quote all you have to do is highlight the text you’d like to quote and hit the reply button. This works the same on both PC and mobile. Hope that helps!


Ok who forgot to lock the door last night !!! Come on who was it ???
Hadrians Wall

@sairfingers Gordan laddie ! So good to see you here ! Yes its all a bit different but you’ll soon get used to it but feel free to shout for help if you need it. As you can see we continue in the vain of not taking life seriously. There’s far too much :poop: on the outside ! :sunglasses:

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The door to the Channel tunnel seems to have been locked again Toby. I hope you weren’t expecting relatives over for Christmas!

It is great to see all of the regulars I have gotten used to stepping over!

It also looks like a few new faces already popping in, super cool!

Gordon, I hear you! I think there will be a learning curve with the new community format, but lots of good new things and some just a little different. Change is hard and good and we will all forget it even happened one day.

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With what’s happening my daughter’s up to her neck in it and likely to be on call throughout winter. So family visit was stood down weeks back ! Its a funny old world.

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Well I seem have got the ‘quote’ thing working.
And I’ve sent you all little love hearts too. Sweet!

I assume the love hearts are the new ‘vibes’.

You’re absolutely right. :+1:. Forum, what Forum? This is the Community!

I started thinking “why are the wrong avatars up beside peoples posts?”
I now realise the avatar of the person who has most recently replied is shown.

Welcome to the darkside Gordon you"ll get the hang of it in no time

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Welcome Gordon! It is going to be a learning curve indeed for all of us!

Looking forward to hearing more of your one take Wednesdays for your second covers album :P!

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