Salutations all from Paul (aka Trokey)

Morning/afternoon all.

My name is Paul but most call me Trokey.

Finally started playing in Feb this year (2022) when my Brother in Law who has played for donkeys years, loaned me one of his guitars, a Parker Hornet.

Well I was hooked, especially after finding this site and learning with Justin.

I have no targets and am learning purely for myself but thoroughly enjoy making ‘noise’ that sounds right!

Just bought my own guitar, a PRS SE 245 and am thoroughly enjoying the journey. Might take some time before I post any recodings if at all but who knows…


Hi Trokey, welcome back and to the fun of learning guitaringatoring

Not heard of the Parker Hornet looks nice, obviously a PRS isnt bad either!

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Hey Trokey, welcome to the community.

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Welcome to the fun zone!

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Hey Trokey! Glad to hear your having fun and hope to see some recordings in your future! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You had a very nice start with the Hornet, I’ve always lusted after a Parker Fly, I liked the thing that they had the piezo pickup as well as the humbuckers!
Good choice on the PRS SE, very nice!
Looking forward to hearing from you on AVOYP, rock on :metal:

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Hello Trokey, and a warm welcome to the community :grinning:.
It seems, that the ‚in laws‘ play a crucial role for some of us. In my case, it was my son in law who loaned me one of his guitars to get started :smiley:.
Wish you lots of fun with your new ‚baby‘:guitar:.

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Hello Paul and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

That is a nice looking guitar you’ve got yourself.

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Welcome, Paul! Good to have you on board!

Just bought my own guitar, a PRS SE 245

That looks awesome, have a lot of learning and fun with it!

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Have I managed to post a picture? Tried a few times but can’t see it!

The one I have tried to post is of the Parker Hornet that was loaned to me.

This, if you can see it, is mine.

I just did a search on the guitar info that you posted, so I don’t know the colour of your PRS but I liked the style.

Ahhhh, got you. I have the Charcoal gray one and very nice it is, plays like dream.

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Hello Paul and welcome to the community. If you have family who play and who can help you along the way then you are blessed indeed. Of course, follow Justin’s lessons and structured course and ask for any supplementary questions or issues you have.

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Hi Paul, enjoying the progress as it happens can help to deal with the steep learning curve any novice guitarist has to face. You’ll learn a lot of ways to do ‘noises’ with the guitar and sooner than later you’ll be playing songs.

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Hello Paul and welcome to the community. Enjoy that new guitar.

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