Samick Signature guitar?

Does any one have any knowledge or experience of a Samick Signature guitar? I saw one the other day on FB which caught my eye, mainly for the colour. I’ve tried a Google search but not found much apart from they are Korean. Are these the budget end of the market?

I bought their archtop once. Online. I returned it due to poor quality of… well… everything. Woodwork, finish, pickups, bridge, all was no good.
Having said that, there are positive reviews of them online. Maybe I was just unlucky.

Don’t know about Samick guitars but we do have a Samick piano… it’s well made, finish is pretty much flawless & it sounds/feels great!!!


What style is it? If it’s what I think it is it’s probably Telecaster deluxe style but probably with 3 pickups and a prs style headstock. If that’s it and it’s in good condition it’s probably worth around £300, in decent condition it’s a nice guitar.
This is it:

It was a telecaster style, but appears to have gone now! On sale for £100!

There’s a few about, nice guitar if you can find a good one!

Samick are a Korean guitar manufacturer, among the likes of Peerless, Unsung, Cort, Crafter, etc.

Way back in the early 2000s … '03, if I recall correctly, Epiphone stopped using Korean manufacturers to build their guitars and shifted the whole process to China (Qingdao). It was a bit of a bad time, because QC went absolutely down the toilet for a good while. The, as now in a lot of cases, Korean made Epis were sought after for their quality premium over new, Chinese produced instruments.

I still have a '97 Epiphone DOT (ES335 copy) made in the Samick plant … and it’s a gorgeous guitar. Samick can indeed produce quality guitars and have been doing so for a very long time. As with any manufacturer, it’s possible to send out a bad one … but my ears would twitch at them mention of one in a room, as I’ve seen those Korean plants put guitars out that have ridiculous bang for your buck.

I also have an Agile AL-3000 I got for £250 on Fleabay way back. That was made in the Unsung plant … and has Irongear pickups, with a full ‘Jimmy Page’ wiring job using CTS push/pull pots for maximum tonal variety … and I swear: I wouldn’t trade that for a Gibbo LP, and I’ve played a few of those.

Keep an eye out for guitars made by Korean manufacturers. They can go cheap, cos not many know the rep their production plants have had over the years. One of the best Strats I ever played was a 90’s Korean Squier, once I’d rewired it. My brother got it for £20!

Well worth considering :+1: