Sandy here ~ Howdy from Arizona USA!

I first took guitar lessons at age 10 and continued to play for another 10 to 15 years before becoming involved with other things in life. I’m retired now and bought myself an ESP LTD EC-256 FM to re-learn. I was taking another courses online, but found it confusing. Then I discovered Justin Guitar and I’m having real fun now.
So glad to see so many interesting people here.
Have fun & rock on!
~ Sandy

Found a photo of me playing my Harmony acoustic back in 1972.
My family was very musical. Two brothers played drums, one electric bass, one violin and mandolin, and I was the guitar-player. We always had someone to play along with.


Welcome to the Community, Sandy. We have lots of fun here, live to share our experiences and recordings in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing and even have a Community Open Mic hosted in Zoom #community-open-mic-events:community-open-mics. Look forward to getting to know you here.


Hello Sandy and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hopefully it all comes flooding back to you. Justin’s course is a great course though.


Hello Sandy,
Welcome, and with such a past you create an expectation :wink:…I hope to hear from you soon…have fun here and at home with your guitar,
Greetings ,Rogier


[quote=“AZSandy, post:1, topic:79004”]
I was taking another course online, but found it confusing.
[/quote] Welcome, Sandy!

The little snippet I quoted above sums up what I’ve said before. With several other online teachers, I’d find myself saying “wait, wait, what did you just do?” No matter how many times I backed up and watched again, I was still missing things. That never happens with Justin.


Hi Sandi, welcome. With the help of Justinguitar lessons you should be back in track soon and you’ll be able to play what you played plus many more.


Hi Sandy:

Welcome to the group. I am so glad to see you are finding something that has true meaning and returning to it. The Justin guitar method is fantastic and helps you learn at your own pace. I also have an ESP LTD (purple one) that I play when I am in a humbucker mood. The sound is outstanding-thanks Kirk Hammett for the marketing lol. My advice is to take it one day at a time, even one minute at a time, and you will surprise yourself at what great talent is inside you, waiting to be released. Record yourself and see the progress you make in a short time. I wish you all the luck. I lived in AZ for about 15 years or so-my old stomping grounds. I have been in San Diego for many years now and can’t imagine how I survived the 120 degree summers lol. Much respect to you:)

Jeff from San Diego, CA


Hello Sandy.
A very warm welcome to the community.
What a fantastic photo … it almost looks like a pencil or charcoal sketch.
Good old 70s hippiedom.
Youre in good company and will find all you want and need to supplement Justin’sessons and more.

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Thanks, Richard and all the nice folks here. I’m lucky to have a cheerleader at home - my husband plays bass and is anxious to play with me, so we’re looking at simple songs we can work on together. I love the Justin Guitar song app. Perfect for practicing. :slight_smile: