Sandy's Guitar Journey

4 weeks after starting with Justin I published my first video on the old forum. Looking back I can’t believe I had the galls to let anyone view it… but it is, I believe, what has helped me improve. Spotting my mistakes, having others give constructive criticism, getting comfortable facing the camera, and more. So here is my collection of videos published before today starting with the cringeworthy first up to the passable last.

  1. I Walk The Line (Take 1) - Johnny Cash
    Guitar progress - 1 month. (I walk the Line - Johnny Cash) - YouTube

  2. Three Little Birds (Take 1) - Bob Marley
    Guitar progress - 5 weeks (Three Little Birds - Bob Marley) - YouTube

  3. Love Me DO - The Beatles
    Guitar Progress - 7 weeks (Love me Do - The Beatles) - YouTube

  4. Cortez The Killer (Take 1) - Neil Young
    Guitar progress - 10 month (Cortez The Killer - Neil Young) - YouTube

  5. Wish You Were Here Intro - Pink Floyd
    - YouTube

  6. I Walk The Line (Take 2) - Johnny Cash
    I Walk The Line (Cover ) - Johnny Cash - YouTube

  7. Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
    Brown Eyed Girl (Acoustic Cover) - Van Morrison - YouTube

  8. Three Little Birds (Take 2) - Bob Marley
    Three Little Birds - Bob Marley (Cover) - YouTube

  9. Cortez The Killer (Take 2) - Neil Young
    Cortez The Killer - Neil Young (Acoustic Cover) - YouTube


Thanks for sharing your progress through this videos, Sandra. Watching these videos can serve as inspiration and encouragement for all those getting started and asking themselves if they’ll ever get those basics down and be able to play.

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That’s great progress. I’m completing my first year here in about 2 weeks

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Sandy is up and running :clap:

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Sandy to good to see you starting your catalogue, impressive for a relatively short journey.

I am sure it will be inspirational to others. Now all you have to do is keep adding to it !



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I agree David. At first when you start, you sometimes think, is it even worth it? Will I ever be able to play good enough? So practice and perseverance show it’s possible.


You gave me the idea… and it helps when some days nothing seems to work

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