Santa’s Consumer Corner 🎅

Well sooner or later somebody is going to start asking what guitar-related goodies we received for Christmas.
We can’t all have been naughty! :rofl:
I’m now cooking with the previously ‘unknown pleasure’ of Joy Division Oven Gloves

Legendary local Birkenhead heroes Half Man Half Biscuit have a song of that name, and I decided I must have a pair. Sure enough, the internet provideth everything under the sun :laughing:

I’ve read the first chapter of Surrender by the Dublin deity Bono. A bit of a love/hate relationship with the man and his band, but as with Sir Geldof, some decades ago, I thought I should at least read what he thinks about himself before I start casting my pointy stones… :thinking: :roll_eyes:

Well, they were my requests, but the missus also thought fit to buy a replacement webcam and usb mic (same models that Chris brought around for our last open mic).
I have mixed feelings about this, as I kind of like hiding performance glitches behind the guise of dodgy technology…

Feel free to add pics of your booty below, or start your own thread if you prefer… :wink:


Pretty much cancelled Christmas here after the passing of the pooch but I’d been pressed ganged into making a Thomann order a few weeks back which contained these

And a handful of rock and guitar related Ts - black, natch.



I received books, CDs, socks, and a couple musician-related gifts:

A Tibetan “singing bowl.”

A wooden frog guiro rasp



Hi , My mother has been buying a gift for us for years, her other son and daughter-in-law and their 3 children, … we are only allowed to eat and unpack the gifts :innocent: :sunglasses: … my first bought Uke makes a lot of noise when I practice, I was already tired of that after 1 hour…so I put another one on my list :grimacing: :speak_no_evil:

:blush: :smile:


Those singing bowls are cool. Gives me tingles up my spine.


straps, slides, strings and pics… There’s an song with parental advisory lyrics somewhere in there :rofl:
Looking forward to the percussion in your next release :smiley:

@roger_holland Is that bottle of Toscana a giant pickup or pick-me-up? :wink:



Very attentive :sunglasses:, … but drink this empty then you spend Christmas on the toilet, .,… This is a very good Olive oil that my mother brings from Italy every year and my wife has use a lot of it this year used at the Christmas dinner she cooked for me and my mother today :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:,…although I also helped a lot, :point_up:…or actually I was mostly very complimentary and cooked eggs for a nourriture de divertissement (luxury appetizer?) :innocent:,
Next year I will do my best again :roll_eyes:, … today I baked the bread / cake for the next 3 days, so I made myself a bit useful, …

I hope that you and everyone who reads had a Christmas as desired/hoped…Kiss ,hugs and or a hand. Or for the people who really want distance, a wave from both of us :smiley:


Hooray, your missus delivered! Looking forward to higher resolution and hi fidelity Brian at the OM and your future videos! :grinning:

I didn’t get any guitar related gifts :scream: I’m hard to buy for apparently… because I just go buy everything myself.

My niece got a guitar and amp - Squier Strat in sunburst with a Fender LT25 amp. Her parents got it for her, I helped select it.

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That frog is awesome, definitely need a video at some stage!

Who knew percussive frogs exist?!

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