Saturno - August 2022 - Broken Stones by Paul Weller

I’m a huge fan of the Modfather. Here’s my take on Broken Stones. A little ragged around the edges, but whatever.


Big fan of Weller myself, it was a good take of his song, loved it

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Not ragged at all Claudia. That sounded really good both playing and vocals. :star:

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Nothing shabby about that at all Claudia, I’d say that you pretty much nailed it!
I was a big fan of the Jam and of one of Paul’s influences Small Faces, can’t beat some of the older Mod music!

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Very nice Claudia.

Really nice. That jump up the neck and back must have taken a lot of practice to land it so cleanly each time.
Somehow I’ve managed not to have heard that song before, but I have a feeling I’ll have Paul Weller on repeat all morning after hearing that.

Well done Claudia,
:sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet:

Well played Claudia, enjoyed that :+1:

Definitely an enjoyable watch and listen. Well done

Super stuff Claudia. The edges seemed pretty well hemmed to me. :smiley:

Hi Claudia,

What an album Stanley Road was. Full of great tunes.

Great job here - playing and vocals.


That was great Claudia, perfect for a drizzly Sunday afternoon and raising the spirits :+1:


That was nicely done Claudia. Great singing and great playing. I liked it.