Saturno - June 2022 - Starman - David Bowie

Here’s my first upload of me playing. Just learned this and haven’t perfected it yet, but thought I’d be brave and get it out there. I speed up in places, miss beats on the strumming and it’s generally a bit ragged playing and singing wise. But I just wanted to break the embarrassment barrier to start with, so here goes


Hi Claudia,

So…that first video can only be done :sweat_smile:,…and it’s seen that you are far from a beginner :sunglasses: …nice playing,…and with the singing with it makes it even more difficult but it is a super song and you have to sing with it and you nailed it… :sunglasses::clap: :clap: :clap:

That was awesome Claudia, there’s certainly no embarrassment to be had from that at all. Your singing is terrific and you are clearly well into the song.
You’ve already noted the odd missed beat and slightly inconsistent tempo here and there but when you just sit back and listen it blends together really nicely.
Thank you for posting, you’ve made a stellar introduction, congratulations and bravo!
:clap: :clap: :clap: :+1: :+1:

That’s definitely not a beginners effort! Very well done Claudia, as you’ve said yourself a few flubs but it didn’t detract from your performance, definitely Open mic standard!
Great song to pick really, there’s some difficult chords and changes in it and you coped with them admirably. Just a bit more practice and it will be perfect!
Definitely :+1::+1::+1::ok_hand: from me.

Claudia that was superb! Way beyond a beginner level play, you know what you’re doing and it looked like a Sunday walk for you - relaxed and effortless. As you say few things to polish up and definitely song it oven ready for others to listen to. Well done!

Damn, now I wish my first recording was this good :smiley:

love it @saturno
steady flow, good pitch when singing., you sure didn’t stumble or fumble coming through the door here!

Seeing and hearing yourself is an akward experience, especially the first times. You’ll get used to it. You might think after a week ‘damn this isn’t good at all’ but that’s probably because you already LEARNED some things, watching and listening to yourself.

Welcome and thanks for sharing.
You inspired me to put this song on my wishlist; so “member inspiration bonus” +1!

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Very nice playing, I enjoyed that. I don’t know a lot of David Bowie. I like the song “I’m Afraid of Americans”. That was a good song though, and played well. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Claudia,
Another stellar debut by a fine female guitarist
The ladies have taken over the Community today and we are truly spoilt.
Bowie is a demi-God in my vocab and you pulled this off really well. Like Lieven, it’s being added to my ‘to-do’ list (with the rest of Rise & Fall :laughing:)
Looking forward to your next offering :smiley:

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Fantastic debut Claudia.
You have the varre chord / open chord transitions going on nicely.
I am not going to look at areas to improve here for your first avoyp but just celebrate for a greatt debut. Bravo.
It might go on my wishlist too, a good friend is a massive Bowie fan plys this is a good singalong song when in company.
Next aim could be to learn the chunka chunka rock n roll rhythm during the la la section.

Wow, vibes from me for a terrific debut AVoYP Claudia. Well done, that was great. You sang and played with real confidence so no need to feel embarrassed. Lots of barre chords in there too!
You’ve identified the areas to tighten up on so onwards and upwards!
I look forward to more from you in the future.

That was great! Love Bowie & you made a good job of it.

So inspiring! That was great. Bowie is awesome too, but you are doing him proud!

I just started on a Bowie tune myself, so fun to play, but I am nowhere near as far along as you are and my singing, well, let’s not go there….

You are an encouragement to keep on it! Thanks!

Thanks so much everyone for your positive responses. You’re very kind and encouraging. It feels funny watching myself on YouTube lol. I look forward to posting some more.

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Hey Claudia, well done and congratiolatulations on your first upload - this takes courage :slight_smile:

Just learned this and haven’t perfected it yet

Don’t worry about perfection, rough edges are part of the rock n roll lifestyle :wink:

Claudia you have no reason to be embarrassed, that was a very good first performance.
You have highlighted your own areas for improvement but I reckon some of that will be down to good old RBS - Record Button Syndrome. It throws everyone off a little bit in the beginning but I thought you played and sung very well. :smile:
Look forward to hearing more.



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Claudia I really enjoyed that! Nice singing and playing!

Takes a lot to get to a point of recording yourself well done!

What a splash you’ve made on entry Claudia. No need for embarrassment. I’m clapping and cheering. I love the way you dug in in the lasts third of the song. I cheered even louder.


Just revisited this post for another listen, saw @batwoman replying and had to stick around for Maggie’s loving comments. We’re blessed around here with such talent joining us every day :slight_smile:


Its a real thing!

I wish I could sing 1/10th this well