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This was one of the songs which motivated to start playing guitar. Such a great tune. Now finally I can learn it!
I got the strumming pattern fast, but this light palm muting on the beat is incredibly hard, actually impossible for me at the moment. It gets even more difficult with the hammering together :smiley:

Btw, this is the strumming pattern:
1 e + a 2 e + a 3 e + a 4 e + a
D__D__D__DU DUD__ D__DU


I completely missed this song in the Beginners’ Book, just skipped over it, thought it ‘simple and boring’ and didn’t really study it. Now (I just began my 3rd year of learning guitar) somehow I stumbled on it in another context, looked it up, and then found it back in the Book. The lesson here opened my eyes (ears), and it’s now making my day. What a beautiful song this is, how wrong I was!

I also only gave it a cursory go when I was following the beginner app. I’m now revisiting and finding the techniques required to make it sound right are very rewarding. I’m hoping they will improve my playing in other songs as well. In my view the additional hammer Ons and fast mutes mean it’s really a grade 2 +++ (4?)

Hi everyone, quick question on this type of strumming pattern. How do you get your middle, ring & pinkey fingers out of the way when doing the palm muting with the right hand? I know I’m holding my pick right but it seems like the other fingers get in the way. I end up having what looks like a weird claw as I raise my 3 fingers out of the way so they don’t hit the strings ahead of the pick & mute. Is it something around the angle of the strum? How do you move your hand so this isn’t an issue? Thanks!

@amotok Aaron, notice in the video that Justin is keeping his 2, 3 and 4 fingers extended when he strums, which is different from the beginning lessons on how to hold the pick when you strum, where the fingers are curled in. With the 2,3 and 4 fingers relaxed and extended and the hand rotated slightly to hit the side of the palm on the strings, the fingers shouldn’t get in the way when you strum.

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I’ve got to say I’m finding this a real challenge with the strumming and palm mute, particularly the mute on beat 3 followed by an up strum. Any one got any hints?

Hi Simon and welcome to the Community. There is one advice I can give you - you need to slow down and not rush it. Drop the speed as low as you need to make sure you get the rhythm bit solid. Only when you feel comfortable with your play move up the speed. That’s the best advice I have



I would love to learn Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, but it just does not sound to me like Justin plays in his video… I dont know what I am doing bad. I am starting to feel pretty frustrated and my head hurts…
Can you please check my short taste of playing and tell me exactly what I should focus on?
You can watch video and my study material that I am making for myself below.


at 1:47 of the Justin lesson, he says that the Fmaj7 also has a C bass note. I don’t see that in your fingers. Is that what you are hearing?

try it with finger 3 on the C (fret3 of string5) and finger 4 on the F (fret3 of string4) to see if that is what sounds off.

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3 things Justin is doing that comes with experiences (so don’t worry you’ll get there) is

1 Use a light er touch on your strumming
2 Don’t stop your strumming when changing chords, strum the open strings between chord changes.
3 Justin has smooth chord changes. This come with practice and you will get there. Do it slowly and smoothly. Work on the simple all down single strums that he shows at the 3:00 mark until your chord changes are smooth. Then start to add in the pattern you are trying in the video.

Watch how smoothly Justin changes chords and doesn’t stop strumming at the 3:40 mark. That’s what your striving for. It will take time so don’t get frustrated.

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@sequences So I should hold Fmaj7 like this? I saw that video many times and I missed that.

@stitch thanks for your points. I am gonna focus more on slow tempo… I am too greedy again but I just dont like that it does not sound how it supposed to. I cant even imagine hammer on when I am struggling with pattern.

I presume your referring to how Justin plays it with strumming pattern 1 (1 2 3 & 4)? If so double check as i think he is playing the songs with each chord for two beats?

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yes, that looks like Justin’s fingering. Is that what sounds off to you?

If there is more, try posting a timestamp of your original video for the location you are not happy with and I can listen more intently there. You are quite early in playing, so I am not expecting you to play the speedy strum parts like Justin did.