Say Yes, Elliott Smith

Really love learning with this one, it’s like Wonderwall on steroids with many crazy chord variations where you’re moving your first two fingers around and your third and fourth fingers stick to the third fret, bottom two strings. Couldn’t get it quite the way I wanted it, but I recorded like 14 times, or more, so this will have to do.

Happy New year everyone!


Being perfectly aware that too positive should be discouraged (and probably rightfully so), I yet have to say it, especially since I listened to your song more than five times on repeat: Could I please get an extended version of you playing and singing this song? :grinning:

It’s easy to hear how much work you have invested in this song. While you started maybe just a very tiny bit hesitant, I loved how you grew more confident with playing and singing at the end of the song. You have a phantastic voice, btw…

Last but not least to me your guitar sounded so good. I can hear that she is way above my anyways non-existent budget. But would you mind sharing what guitar you are playing? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Kris, I’ve never heard this song before, but I really like your rendition. It was a very enjoyable listen. I like your relaxed strumming; the pattern sounded interesting. Really nice :smiley:. Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs: and a Happy New Year to you, too :four_leaf_clover::mushroom::star_struck:.

Great stuff Kris!
Seems like a difficult somg to both play and sing… think you did a great job with it. Elliot Smith is a guy i know very little about, not sure if i ever heard him before…
easy to see that you become more relaxed through out the song, cool song to have in youre songbook…

Well done Kris!!

That was a really good cover Kris. Very enjoyable.

Thanks so much for these very kind comments! The guitar isn’t a fancy one JokuMuu to tell you the truth, it’s a Brunswick and it cost maybe 250 euro or something. I would love to play an extended version but I don’t really know how! Justin did a few Elliott Smith lessons though, so I’ll probably post another song by him at some point.

Happy New Year!

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