Scam Alert!

Do you have an example? or does that go through … I have an offer click on this?


Yo…I’m justin and want to make you play triangle for little money…

Greetings,And I hope it stops soon…

I’m guessing it’s people on YouTube comments pretending they are Justin and trying to get people to message them on Telegram, perhaps with the promise they have won something.

That seems to be the latest social media scam.



Wow! Scammers have stolen the rest of our sentences. Be very car…

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Thanks James, edited the First Post in the topic.


The scammers are working overtime on YouTube; nearly all of the bigger channels I subscribe to have taken to making videos addressing the scammers or posting pinned comments in all of their videos. I generally use my Roku box to watch my subscriptions, but for those times where I’m using a browser, I do take the time to report every scammer I see. :smiley:

Here are some examples - I added them to the lesson as well. Thanks!


Well I’ve just been contacted to say I’ve won the Euromillions lottery jackpot! Unfortunately the money has become stuck in a holding bank and cannot be released until I prove who I am. They want my full bank account details, passport details and a copy of my birth certificate.
Seems reasonable if I’m to receive shed loads of money.
The contact agent in Nigeria sounds completely trustworthy although he’s called Jason which I thought was a bit unusual for a Nigerian.

Once I’ve received the money I intend to organise a huge get together for all my forum/community friends. I thought perhaps in the Caribbean. I’ll pay for all the flights and accommodation. I’ll lay in guitars, amps etc so no worries on that front.

If you could all send me your full bank details, passport details and copies of your birth certificates I’ll start the ball rolling.


Hi Gordon ,
Of course…0126548745 brokebank
bsn: 707666
Have fun with it and see you on the beach :sunglasses: :grin:

Wonderful, we can have the doo at the prince’s palace :slightly_smiling_face:

@liaty I tried calling to book my place at the doo but stuck in a queue listening to this tune playing down the line.


Yeah anything Telegram as a contact is dodgy, I’ve reported a shedload of them on my YT channels and got them removed but they still keep coming! You would think that YT would use an algorithm to sort these idiots out but no, they leave it to their audience :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Sadly YouTube doesn’t care about scams, stolen accounts, spam channels.

About the only thing they care about it seems is copyright infringements

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That’s because copyright infringements on their platform can potentially cost them money. Individuals falling prey to scammers costs them nothing so… yeah. :neutral_face:

It’s possible for YouTube creators to block comments containing certain words or phrases being posted against their videos.

In theory it should be possible to use this to block comments with the word “Telegram” or “giveaway” in them.

Or am I missing something?



Thanks for the heads-up!

If I had $0.10 for every time I got an email that said I won a bunch of money I would be a rich man already. Same with the emails that seem to be some young lady who just “has to get to know me better” and saw my posts on some platform I do t even use (I don’t use most of them). The other ones I get are unfortunately too inappropriate to post here.

It is a flood and it is of a quality that I don’t even want my 12 yo daughter to see the titles of the emails.

The sad part is that they must work in some poor people so desperate or simply gullible that they fall for it. I think early teens, possibly all teens and the elderly, especially those developing cognitive issues are especially susceptible.

We need an educational program to teach people that no one gives you money out of the blue, no one emails you randomly for sex, no it won’t ever grow bigger, and giving out bank account numbers and other private information is a bad idea.

I remember 10 years ago, my then 11 yo nephew playing on computer came out of the room and called “mom, can I have your social security number?”:man_facepalming:t3:

It is not new, just more of it.

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No more T-Rex then :wink: