Scared bending my electric guitar!

OK all my life I played classical guitar, Recently got an electric guitar and am trying to bend but it seems to me the action is high , I will take my time and wait for a few weeks before I take to to store for action adjustment but right now I wonder in this high action is it safe to bend the string or not?
I have to push it very hard and I am new in bending strings :slight_smile:
So when the action is high will pushing hard to reach my bending goal harm the guitar?

Can’t assure you, but in any case, before damaging your guitar I guess the strings will break.

I don’t think that the action will affect bending in that way, though. Since is the string tension that you have to fight, and that’s not modified by the action. I think. What I expect that the action will affect is how comfortable is your bending on your fingers.

Bend away. You won’t damage the guitar.


Worst thing that’s going to happen is that you will shred your newly grown callouses!


What gauge strings? That makes a big difference bending. Also, bending is hard at the beginning. It takes a lot of effort.

  • Light gauge: .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046

10s are fine. As @RobDickinson says “bend away”, concentrating on the right technique. May take a little while to feel natural.

Cheers, Shane

Have you checked out Justin’s lessons on bending technique ? If your technique is not quite right it could give you the impression that the action is high. You are more likely to damage your fingers than the guitar, strings slipping over the fingers that kind of thing. So as Shane says, as long as you are focusing on the technique if you are new to it, all should be ok.
I have an ancient Affinity who’s action is higher than most of my other electrics and still bends well if done the right way.

Have fun (buy plasters just in case :wink: )


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What action we are talking here about on 12th fret with capo on 1st applied? Both high and low e? I have high action but I guess could be higher than mine always, it’s a relative term after all. But it shouldn’t harm guitar just will make it more difficult for you to bend

Here we go . If you click on image it will show in full screen.

Guitars are really durable. You certainly won’t damage the guitar bending strings.

Really the only way of damaging it is if adjusted the truss rod too much or if you start bashing it around, intentionally trying to break the thing.

I think putting really heavy strings on like acoustic strings and tuning up to standard tuning would really not be good either

You are fine, check out mine and I have been bending for over 2 years now and no issues :slight_smile: including tone and a half bends!


That looks good, possibly a little lower than average?

Thanks so basically I do not need to take it to store and ask them to make it lower?

Not unless you want a lower action because of personal preference.

A high or low action is personal preference. It makes no difference to the guitar.

Your guitar is tougher than you think. You might break a string by bending too aggressively, but you won’t damage the guitar.



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Looks on the lower side of average to me, which is fine. Bend away - busting a string or 2 while learning to bend is a rite of passage :rofl:

Cheers, Shane

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As Majik mentioned only if you feel you would benefit from lower action. My suggestion would be if you don’t have much experience to go to a music store and try some other guitar available with lower action. That will give you an idea which one you think it’s gonna be better for you and easier to use for learning. I think it’s a bit more difficult to learn with a higher action but still doable.

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Thank you every body I am done. Bending is not difficult for me actually as I am a left-handed playing guitar like right-handed people from the start so I have strong left hand . I just did not know how electric guitar works and now I am done. :slight_smile: