Scheduled Downtime at (March 21, 2023, from 13:00 GMT)

A few people (including myself) have mentioned the absence of icons, ticks etc.

This is happening because two .woff fonts are being blocked by the CORS policy on the new server(s).

One of the devs will be able to solve this by adding the following piece of code into the nginx.conf file:

location ~* \.(eot|ttf|woff|woff2)$ {
add_header Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*";

Some screenshots to illustrate the issue:

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@LievenDV @larynejg

Thank you @Jeff ! The Dev team is aware of the icon issue and working on it. It’s good for most browsers already, and the rest should be solved by the end of the day! Cheers


Unfortunately the community is no longer working well on my iPhone 12 (iOS 16.3.1).

The mobile view crashes and just flashes, can’t do or see anything. Web view on the mobile device makes replying very, very difficult, as it brings up only a blank screen. Some random clicking seems to get me were I can reply, but not easy.

All new since yesterday.

Thanks for all the work you and the developers all do, I am sure it will be eventually sorted, just informing of my current experience.

I’m seeing the same blank screen when I first hit reply on my iPhone 11.

And like you, it seems to recover, even though I’m not sure what I did, and then can’t re-create the problem.

Works fine on my iPad, however.

@Jamolay Have exactly the same problem on my android phone, but not on my Android tablet.

Hello everyone!

Yesterday’s downtime was maintenance for, but we didn’t touch the Community.

However, we recently updated Discourse (the platform where we run the Community.) They released a new version in January, and we had to update it a few days ago for continued support. It was a big update from their end, so some of your issues are probably related to it.

We updated to the newest version of Discourse 3.0 again a few hours ago, and they were correcting some minor issues with that. It should have fixed most of the browser instabilities.

We’ll monitor it and update our end whenever they release new fixes.


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The web view is working better. At least it was fine for this instance of replying.

The mobile view still just crashes.

I can confirm there’s an issue with the app, which is probably the same as the mobile view? I can open the app, but the screen keeps flickering so I’m unable to do anything.

The icons are back though, wehey!

Hello there!

Justin has many apps, but none connect with really. Can you please clarify which one you’re having trouble with? Cheers, and thanks for your help!

I was referring to the ‘Community app’ , but it turns out it’s not a real app but a PWA, a homescreen shortcut that uses the mobile view of this Community and simulates an app on my Android device.

So basically it’s the mobile view that’s not working for me. When I open the Community on my Android phone, using the PWA or the Chrome browser, the site keeps reloading. It might be a local issue at my end so let’s wait for other users who experience the same issue first.

I use the Android PWA, and am using it right now. No problems.

The layout on android phone since the update:

@markr31 check whether it is viewing in desktop view or mobile view. I just checked and it was showing desktop view. When I clicked mobile view it went flashing as per @Jeff post

No, exactly the same here. Have the shortcut on my Android phone, also the link from the website via chrome delivers a flashing screen. No problems with my Android tab.

Works fine both ways on my Android tablet. I’ll check my phone.

Yeah, it went to flashing when I changed the view on my phone, and I don’t know how to make it go back to the other view now.

So, as of now, the community is unusable on my phone, because I can’t switch back to whichever view is the one that works. (I don’t know if the screen showing “desktop view” means that’s the view it’s currently in, or if that’s what you click on to go to that view.)

@larynejg by app people mean community website that automatically downloads itself when viewing Community via smartphone. Mobile view is corrupted and flashes constantly as per gif below, once you change to mobile view you are toasted unless you clear cookies/cache and history.


Thanks for letting me know! Our super Kris is on it - I’ll let you know if there are any finds we can correct.