Sclay - February 2023 AVOYPs

Haven’t posted anything in over a month so thought I put up this improv in A, and create my first monthly entry with the new AVOYP system. Not seeing much improv on here lately.
Cool backing track by Tao of Twang, like all of his are. A-D-E-D. Simple, but cool.

Anyway, this one concentrates on using the major pentatonic scales, which I’ve been delving into recently at the moment, along with some other notes thrown in here and there from the major and minor.
Major pentatonic is such a great sounding scale. Enjoying exploring it in some depth at the moment, learning some licks, short, solos, etc… Anyway, comments,feedback welcome if you like.

Cheers, Shane


Good to hear from you again, Shane, and that you have been beavering away, continuing to work on the lead play.

I enjoyed the backing track, a Wild Thing feel to it, lovely tone on the lead, and all sounded good.

I enjoyed the bending to add some feeling plus the vibrato at the end of some of the phrases.

Perhaps could be built on by mixing up note lengths a little more, and adding some pauses with sustained ending notes.


Good stuff Shane definitely could hear major scale and how comfy it felt playing in it. Enjoyed those sliding sections and your vibrato as usual is one to admire. All the best!

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Great work, Shane!!!
Enjoying your improv.

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Sounded really good, some nice licks in there.

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Hi Shane ,
I have enjoyed listening to this :sunglasses: :clap:…and you have inspired me to go all in for improvisation this coming week :sweat_smile:…just found some great backing tracks on youtubemusic ( subscribed) never found such good ones before…

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Hello Shane, that was such a pleasure to my ears. Sounded great :star_struck:. And you looked very comfortable playing it - with a satisfied (and absolutely justified) facial expression at the end of the video :smiley::clap::+1:.

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That was some tasty playing Shane. Nice backing track too. You’re improv is really enjoyable.

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Terrific feel to that Shane, mood suited the backing track perfectly :slight_smile:

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Some good stuff there Shane. Well done, it’s all coming along nicely.

That sounded great Shane. Super stuff.

I listened to your video earlier this week, but didn’t have the time to comment, so I just listened for a second time. I’m not at your level, so constructive advice from my position isn’t appropriate. But I can see your progress and see you building up more and more confidence. Your playing was smooth and fluent and sounded very decent. You seem to know your fretboard very well. Interesting for me, because I’m interested in going into improvisation too. Helps a lot to see, what’s possible to do. Enjoyable listen!

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Good stuff, Shane :smiley:
You’re moving around that fretboard very confidently now- your timing and bends on point.
From a purely musical listening experience, I’d prefer a bit more pauses, time to breathe, but I’d happily donate one of my guitars to be able to play like this.
Keep it up mate! :sunglasses:

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