Scorpions - Wind of Change (chords, old recordings)

This was the best try of my very ever first recordings, which I made on 2019-12-03, playing along with chordify. Sorry about the low volume, but back then I was used to play unplugged:

I had started my guitar journey on 2019-08-29, so I had started playing over 3 months before… but during that time I had a pair of holidays (3 weeks) apart from the guitar, so my real playing time was more like two months and a half. As the complete novice I was, I was constantly switching my view between looking at the fretboard to form the chords correctly, and looking at the screen to see which chords would follow. It’s a miracle I didn’t end up with neck pain.

After I finished the classic beginner course I started working on the intermediate one, and on other songs, and after nearly a year of not playing the song, I got that old video from 2019, edited it adding and syncing the chordify animation that I was looking at while I played, and also started working in the song again. And after many failed recordings, there was one in June 2021 which I didn’t delete, and here it is:

I think the evolution is quite clear:

  • This time I did memorize the song, so I didn’t need to look at the screen anymore (also, it’s the longer audio version, not the cutted one for video)
  • I still took some peeks at the fretboard, but I didn’t need to do it constantly as before.
  • I also decided to sing, which I know I’m not very good at (and neither too interested), but I do believe it’s a good exercise that forces you to “automate” your playing so you can free a part of your mind to pay attention to the lyrics.
  • I also did the whistles, and even dared to whistle the main solo.

Digging through the history books… how’s your playing now, 2 years on?


:point_up_2: agree, would love to see this too. You made great strides from the first vid :+1:

There is so much value in recording songs we’re playing along our guitar journey. I do it regularly, just to show to myself ‘yes, I’m making progress :smiley:’.
Do you still practice this song? I’m also curious to listen to it with two more years of playing practice under your belt :slightly_smiling_face:.

It’s been a long time since I’ve played this one, and I don’t think I’d improve too much over the last video if I did it again, because I’m much more focused now on riffs and single notes than strummed chords. So if I go back to this song, I will be using tabs to record the song as it was really played.

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Nice improvement. Only thing I would say it seems like there is a slight pause between chord changes. Its much more noticeable on the first video.

This is one of my fave of all times :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: what a song! I’m working on it as well! I hope you’re keeping on going with it as it seems to me you’re on the right track! I liked that you sang it all the way through and the whistling, though it didn’t sound always in tune it was quite impressive and it’s one aspect I would keep on practicing if I were you…sadly enough I can’t whistle. Keep on rocking :guitar::blush:

Nice improvement since your first record. I also sometimes play this on acoustic.

It’s good to be able to watch the two back to back. Nice improvements and a very well done on the whistling too, no mean feat.