Screeching string noise when sliding between frets

How can I stop or at least reduce the screeching string noise when sliding between frets? Can different types of strings help?

The best way to reduce this is to lift your fingers off the strings when changing positions instead of sliding. Based on what style of music you play, sometimes this “screeching” sound is desired. The “screech” will be different on nylon strings vs. steel strings vs. flat-wound strings, etc., but it will always be there if you slide instead of lift.

If you slide while still pressing down, there will be no screech.

Coated strings will reduce it, but not eliminate it.

If it’s so loud it bothers you, yes different strings will help, coated like @markr31 says. Try Elixirs or similar.

Some strings are annoyingly loud.

Go easy on yourself. That is the sound of a guitar player playing a guitar. The sound is only unfavorable to the player who listens to too much heavily produced rock radio, or folks that release tracks from perfect loops run in their DAW after 20 takes. They remove breathing noises, lip smacking and any other organic normal happenings from live/living music.

What to do: Watch/follow people that play guitar and record live, you will get the idea. Do you see a person playing guitar? There will most likely be organic noises and a musician pushing their skills forward. Throw them a like and a follow. String noise is analogous to the crackles in an old record, there’s a world in there.

Otherwise, do your finger slides on the unwound strings. :wink:


Lift n shift.

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They both make a bit of string noise, but it sounds damn fine to me!

Some strings are delightfully loud.

Just need to work on pinch harmonics now

Dave AKA Eddie Van Halen :fire:

Hi Denis,
a little string noise is good
because then the listener knows that they are not listening to piano player :grin:

Welcome and good luck with al the tips,


Hi everyone,
I totally get this question. In fact, I am having the same issue and was already checking if there is a video somewhere where Justin explains how to control the noise…
I also think that a bit of this noise is fine and “natural” to the guitar. But I am currently practising changing between power chords, and I find that sliding noise way too loud. I have an acoustic guitar btw, which already has Elixir coated strings.
So I will probably have to try and do something with my fingers to control it. I did not try yet to press harder to get rid of it, so I will have a go at this one.
Greetings, Nadine