Scrolling on MacBook Air

Is anyone else having the problem were the app on my MacBook Air does not scroll

You have to click and drag, can’t use the trackpad to scroll. It’s a little weird, but I think it’s just because it’s designed for a phone or tablet.

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Click and drag? I assume you are referring to a mouse, I don’t have one for my MacBook Air, is designed around the trackpad, but thanks for the suggestion.

I should add and admit to being a beginner at the ripe old age of 79. I purchased a way to nice Martin D 36 which I hope will be a family heirloom! Nevertheless I hope to learn a couple of songs before I peg it. Are there any songs from the sixties and seventies maybe? No, not the Beatles I’m into the Eagles, Pink Floyd and even King Crimsom. Elton John is up there as well. I enjoy listening to vinyl on my Linn Deck. We have a couple of stores locally that sell used vinyl at reasonable prices
Thanks and sorry for a boring post

Hi Baz @485fos, and welcome to the forum!
The app is indeed not optimised for a laptop, but it does work. As southpaw6 mentioned, you have to click and drag. You don’t need a mouse for this, you can use your trackpad, which basically functions in the same way as a mouse: click and hold the trackpad, and move your finger over the trackpad while holding (drag). I hope this makes sense.
Good luck and have fun!

Hi, I’ve just tried the click and drag on my MacBook Air and lo and behold it works.
I should have figured this out but I guess age is affecting the grey cells :sunglasses: