SDKissFan - January 2023 - Green Day (x2), Don Henley

Happy 2023. I hope to start on the right foot and keep progressing with new music. This one is not my best song yet, but hopefully somewhat decent. Thanks for the listen.

Added a second version here.

Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (V.2)


Don Henley - The Heart Of The Matter (acoustic & electric versions)



Very nice, @SDKissFan, I enjoyed that. Congrats and keep working on it!

I happen to have played and sung this a few weeks ago. Here is my version:

(Edit: Removed. Apologies, did not know about the forum etiquette)

Hi there.

Thanks for sharing your version. I really loved it and especially the full band, which is a dream for me to experience. If you like Green Day there are a lot of easy songs from them. My last one was Good Riddance- Time of your life. I posted here a few weeks ago. Have a great day and keep rocking.


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Hi Serhat. It’s not really forum etiquette to reply to an AVoYP with your own version of the song. This is Jeff’s thread.


Another step on the road Jeff. When I listen to Green Day’s version I hear a big emphasis on the first beat of the bar from the bass drum. May I suggest trying to echo this in your strumming, which is faithful to the record anyway.

Bravo! Keep it going!

@sairfingers Apologies, I removed it.

I’m new to the forum, recently posted a version of my playing as a separate post and it was merged to an existing thread so I thought the etiquette was to use existing threads. Still learning, I’m sorry.

@SDKissFan I’m sorry, did not mean to take the attention off yours.


Nice Job Jeff. I always love some Green Day! Keep rocking it Jeff!

Good stuff Jeff, can’t beat some Green Day! Super steady strumming there.
My comment would be to learn the chords and lyrics off by heart. That way you won’t be looking at your screen/songbook and can then relax a bit more. You could also reduce the size of your strum. There is a lot of wasted movement in there.
Well done though!

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Nice work Jeff! I like that song a lot.

Only suggestion is if you could somehow get closer to the mic that might work better, the vocals were a bit quiet in the mix. Guitar was great though.

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Don’t worry about the song. I enjoyed seeyyour version. Some of the guys have been around here a lot longer than me and know the rules more than me. I am more about hearing feedback from the group.



Hi Gordon.

You have a sharp eye to notice those things and have told me that before. In general I need to work on memorizing my songs and chords by heart. That’s something I struggle with. Of all the songs I played I think maybe 3-4 I can really do from memory.thanks for listening.


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I see what happened with the sound. I finally hooked up my microphone and something came unplugged. I should have tried again instead of being in a rush to post. Oh well hopefully the song was halfway decent anyways.

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Thanks Eddie.

Hi John.

Thanks for the feedback. I did listen to the backing track and see what you mean. I honestly try to change the sound to not be exactly like the original artist. Hopefully it sounded decent as is. The song still needs work so I might try your tip to see how it goes.


Awesome stuff Jeff, I’m transported back to my teenage years whenever I here Greenday. This song in particular was in my ipod shuffle and was listened to quite a lot.

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Good for recording Jeff. I’d echo trying to adjust your strumming slightly BUT emphasis the third beat/downstrum also reduce the movement of your arm you’re swinging it too much the strumming should be more wrist based on this one. Sounds like there was a mic problem as we predominantly got just the guitar strings rather than your amp and the singing was low in the mix.

A tip for singing and playing is to separate the two. Practice singing that song over the original, practice singing the song just on it’s own (no music). At the moment it still sounds like you are trying to fit the vocal and guitar neatly together which doesn’t always work. Once you are comfortable singing that song over the original AND are comfortable with your guitar track (you can also practice this against the original)…then try bringing them together.

You are on the right track it just takes time.

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I decided to stay true to my goals and record again standing while playing. I still have my music stand so have not memorized yet so baby steps. The title of the category is record yourself - progress not perfection, right lol. No perfection here, but at least I finally played standing up. Last week I broke string after string on 3 different electric guitars so acoustic it is until I change some strings. I hope everyone is off to a good start towards making progress in 2023.

Self feedback: improve singing and tone, sharpen your chords, memorize the song, add some interesting soloing or a lick.

Thanks for listening

Jeff from California


First off, good on you for sharing your music openly and not posting it as private or unlisted. Get your music out there people!

It’s good that you are self-assessing your own playing, it’s something we all should do. That is how we get better and push our playing forward. Let me know if you are interested in some feedback from a player that is striving toward being mediocre. :slight_smile:


I would love to hear your feedback.

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