SDKissFan - November 2022 - Firehouse, School Of Rock

Hi everyone,

This one is not really ready to share, but I decided if I don’t my work week will be so busy I will never post it. This song was my favorite when it was brand new (1991?) and I shared it with my wife in 2022 and she said it was as if I wrote the song just for her. This 12 string looks shiny and new, because I was scared of playing it for a while. I am still sloppy with the chords as you can hear, but I’ll get better. Does anyone remember this song or Firehouse? This one is supposed to be a full arpeggio, but not able to play it yet.


School of Rock - Straight A’s



Thanks for sharing, the lyrics sure are a great love story. I found my love of a lifetime, glad you have too.

What a great song. Thanks for sharing I might give it try. I need a good love song to learn

The chords are not too bad. There are a lot of changes in the song, but if you can hold onto the tune it’s a great song. Thanks for listening.

Of course I remember that song! Keep at it. I cant wait to hear it an an open mic event.

I for sure remember this song and it being pretty popular back when it was released. I liked most of the songs from the album it was on. Thanks for the trip down hair metal lane!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments. In reality my performance of this song needs a lot of improvement. You know how it goes, we are all a work in progress. I’m glad it brought back good memories at least. Have a great day.


Here is another I did with one attempt. I have not quite figured out a good strum pattern yet so this one is a bit basic.

The movie was great for its time and I always wanted to try this after seeing it.



The film is a good laugh, with of course some great rock along the way. Good to see you having a good time, Jeff. And it’s a long way to the top …

Another great film Jeff, you’ve made me smile (again!) this morning!
:metal: :metal: :metal: :metal: :metal:

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That was another good one Jeff and another classic film.

Nice one Jeff and good to keep recording. Good to see you playing and singing it’s a difficult trick. A suggestions try to get the guitar in the video so that we can see how you’re playing. People can then better offer you tips and advice.

In terms of strumming this it’ll probably be a little tricky as the original is played with lead&rhythm guitar. However a starting point might be to look here >> School of Rock - Rock Got No Reason (Guitar Cover & Bass Cover w/ Tabs) - YouTube which gives you an idea of the lead guitar and how that is played…the rhythm part just seems to be pumping eight like chips

Thanks for the tips. Yes, the real version has two guitars. There is a guy known as “Party Marty” that did an acoustic lesson for this. His videos don’t show you much as far as technique, but gives you ideas. I will check out your link as well.

I still have a lot of work to do to be performance ready (i.e complex strumming or solos), I hope my videos don’t sound awful, just basic versions of playing and singing until I improve.

For your other comment, I bought a microphone based on someone here’s recommendation. I just need to hook it up and start standing while playing and not be so lazy sitting lol.

Thanks for listening

Thanks Stefan. I am going to start standing while playing per your last comment. I am hoping to think of something fun for the next song and spend more time improving it before posting. These two were just spontaneous as an escape for the stress from my work day lol.

Glad you enjoyed the song. Was just hoping for smiles and laughs when hearing the songs.

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Thanks for Listening David. Definitely still a long way to go for me to the top, but still here trying. Have a great day.