Searching for songs by chord

Which website does everyone use (aside from Justins) to find songs by specific chords?

I have Ultimate Guitar but can’t see a way to search for eg all songs with only chords G, C, D and Em

There must be a way??

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“song tutorials with chords G Em C and D”

This is the 1st hit:

Was really looking for a way of searching a whole library that displays chords like Ultimate Guitar or similar

Chrodgenome kinda does it but then links off to other sites

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Not a website, but the Justin Songs and Lessons app does this brilliantly:

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That’s great cheers

Yeah I’ve obviously used that but it’s a bit limited in number so seeing what else is out there

The app may do but the JG website doesn’t. It’s very poor when searching for songs by chord in that you have to know wall the chords in a song. Even then it doesn’t always work. My understanding was that it was due for an upgrade.

You’re right.
A couple of updates in other areas, including the chord library, has weakened the functionality.
I’m not sure where it sits in the priorities however.