Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year

Thought I’d get in early but there’s already been a number of festive posts.

Yes I’ve been playing with the Art AI if you missed the Roadcase updates !!

Be safe be well peeps.



I see AI still handles breasts better than hands :roll_eyes::rofl:
Joyeux Noel! :santa:


O boys ,Ho Ho Ho like this will be …O O O
Here is my favorite card and so everyone can cool down If necessary …


You have probably read my further holiday wishes, which even included a song :smiley:

Happy days to you all …fijne feestdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar :sunglasses:

Greetings Rogier


It could have been worse but I could not find an “official video” :wink:
Not sure her indoors would sign off though :rofl:

Een goede gezondheid en wat goede oude rock-'n-roll


I have extra limbs and floating wine glasses when you need them. Just holler :rofl:

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I should add it could have been “more interesting” if Luis Royo had not been removed from the prompt ! :wink:

Marry Christmas Toby and a Happy New Year.


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Wish you and yours a blessed Christmas Toby.

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Hi here, the sisters singing, cello and guitar playing too…I can’t find any live footage of this song yet, but when I heard this live last weekend I immediately thought of you Brian @brianlarsen (and actually everyone here :smile:) the video starts with your Christmas wish Brian…translation doesn’t seem necessary I think :smile: , it’s about all kinds of stuff she wanting to have and singing and I was so sweet…give me something nice dear Santa ,think of all the boys I didn`t do etc etc , it’s top class satire and just a good Christmas song …voor de Nederlanders in ieder geval veel plezier :sunglasses:

Have fun :sunglasses:


All the best to you and yours Toby :+1:

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@roger_holland Rogier, I just about managed to forget this Christmas card motive from your Silent Night post about a week ago, and you bring it back!!

Happy Christmas and all the best in 2024 to you @TheMadman_tobyjenner, our residential rambling Madman, open mic organiser and everything else. Thank you for everything my friend!


Seasons Greetings Toby!
Thank you for all you do :slight_smile: :sunflower: :christmas_tree:

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I wish you a wonderful and relaxed holiday season, Toby :hugs:.

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Merry Christmas Toby and everyone who attends the Justinguitar community.

I hope everyone has the festive season they would like and the all the best for 2024. :santa:

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