"Seasons of the Guitar" challenge

I was wondering if there would be any appetite to do something similar to ‘Seasons of the Ukulele’ on Ukulele Underground, but for guitar and on these forums?

I think I might enjoy a challenge like this to get me to polish up songs and get used to ‘performing’.

I have a friend who does the UU SOTU and he gets a lot out of it and has come up with some great versions.

What do we think?

That is an interesting idea, John.

As you can see below there are Challenge topics but no time-boxing or judging. Any member can post up an appropriate Guitar Challenge.

We run the Community Open Mic as a virtual event every couple of months which provides members an opportunity to perform live.

And there is the active AVOYP - #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing - area where members post up recordings as they progress. It is reasonably active.

That said, the Open Mic started as the brainchild of one member, so no reason not to consider something similar to the Season of the Uke. You may be on to something that captures the attention and imagination.

But if not I’d encourage you to join in with what is already underway.

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