Seating Options

What’s your favorite (or just most commonly used) seating apparatus?
Fixed/spinning stools, chairs, couch, mattress, floor? Back-rest or no?
Maybe you prefer to stand?
How do you feel about foot rests?

I’ve been using a padded keyboard bench. I find sitting on bed/couch gets in the way. I am considering a spinning stool. I sat in while at at a store and it felt super comfortable. Anyway… just curious what other people are doing.

I went out and got a rolling arm-less Samsonite chair that I saw at our local Sam’s Club, which replaced the armed chair I had. I generally prop a foot up on one of the legs and it’s worked out quite well. I use a strap while seated, so I stand up a lot too.

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Armrests are likely to get in the way unless the chair is wide enough to turn sideways a little bit. Nowadays I use an IKEA stool with no back support but a horizontal bar as a foot rest. Kind of like a dedicated guitar stool but much cheaper.

A few weeks ago I visited a classical guitar shop and tried a “professional” footrest as well. It was comfortable and helped with the classical position-

I also sometimes cross my legs while seating.

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Thatooks comfortable…
I feel the need for a new chair. The armless office chair I am using has been my ever present companion since lockdown in March 2020 saw me start to work from home. It was never the most comfortable of chairs and feels a little wobbly now. Perhaps time to treat myself. I know @TheMadman_tobyjenner bought some deluxe chair recently that gives him a daily massage and makes his breakfast!


I’ve got a drum stool that works well, although it’s lower for public performances than I like. Also have a guitar stool that’s up a fair bit higher.

I saw this thing in a local shopping mall recently:

It looks like Sorrento’s gaming rig from RP1. It’s not really suitable for guitar though.




You should be in marketing :rofl: it’s just an office come gaming chair, with fold up arms. But very comfy.:sunglasses:

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I use a Foot Rest, but if you use it almost every day it can’t be good, I guess.

What do you think about this

or that

I hear good things about the Gitano support. I tried bolster supports and didn’t like them.

I sprung for a Sageworks. It really is quite good, although you need to work a bit to get it not to slide on your thigh. Once dialed in it is solid as can be and you can put magnets in multiple guitars and switch around easily.

One of my guitars is a satin finish, so the suction cup models don’t work as well.

I also got one similar to this:

I use it for my beater that I take to the mountains. It works quite well and then I don’t need to worry about taking the sageworks with me.

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I bought the Gitano support. Let’s see how it is.