Seating Options

What’s your favorite (or just most commonly used) seating apparatus?
Fixed/spinning stools, chairs, couch, mattress, floor? Back-rest or no?
Maybe you prefer to stand?
How do you feel about foot rests?

I’ve been using a padded keyboard bench. I find sitting on bed/couch gets in the way. I am considering a spinning stool. I sat in while at at a store and it felt super comfortable. Anyway… just curious what other people are doing.

I went out and got a rolling arm-less Samsonite chair that I saw at our local Sam’s Club, which replaced the armed chair I had. I generally prop a foot up on one of the legs and it’s worked out quite well. I use a strap while seated, so I stand up a lot too.

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Armrests are likely to get in the way unless the chair is wide enough to turn sideways a little bit. Nowadays I use an IKEA stool with no back support but a horizontal bar as a foot rest. Kind of like a dedicated guitar stool but much cheaper.

A few weeks ago I visited a classical guitar shop and tried a “professional” footrest as well. It was comfortable and helped with the classical position-

I also sometimes cross my legs while seating.

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Thatooks comfortable…
I feel the need for a new chair. The armless office chair I am using has been my ever present companion since lockdown in March 2020 saw me start to work from home. It was never the most comfortable of chairs and feels a little wobbly now. Perhaps time to treat myself. I know @TheMadman_tobyjenner bought some deluxe chair recently that gives him a daily massage and makes his breakfast!


I’ve got a drum stool that works well, although it’s lower for public performances than I like. Also have a guitar stool that’s up a fair bit higher.

I saw this thing in a local shopping mall recently:

It looks like Sorrento’s gaming rig from RP1. It’s not really suitable for guitar though.




You should be in marketing :rofl: it’s just an office come gaming chair, with fold up arms. But very comfy.:sunglasses:

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