Seattle, WA USA/Eastside Jam Buddies

Hey all,

I live in the Seattle area and am looking for some friends to play guitar with. Seems like most people I meet around here have been playing for 20+ years and are already in a band - I’m incredibly self conscious about playing in front of other people, especially people I think are “good” - hoping to meet some more guitar friends so I can get over that. I can do acoustic or electric jams. Would prefer acoustic since my only amp right now is quite small.

Male, female, 18 or 88 - open to jamming with anyone with a similar mindset. I know the holidays get busy so I’m open to waiting until after the New Year as well. I’d say I’m around a grade 3 skill level - know all the open major, minor, and 7th chords and can play E and A shaped barre chords up and down the neck.


I would suggest looking at Meetup,com for local jams in your area. I found 6 in my area two of which were geared for my skill level.