Second open mic in as many months

Sharing two videos of my second ever open mic performance.

Something I never thought I would do, but then I attended one of Justin’s workshops last year which took me right out of my comfort zone (well, that’s what I wanted and why I went). A few things clicked in that week, and I came back with lots of ideas of how to change my practise (standing up for one!) and how to close the gap between playing just for myself and performing.

So here I am :slight_smile:

Still a lot to learn and to get used to, e.g. how to manage the performance gap of a song I can play perfectly on my own but then with the adrenalin pumping chord changes get muddled and lyrics forgotten … I find it’s easier with songs I have been playing for longer, so they are more on auto pilot - but how do I gauge how automated a song really is?

Video quality is not the best, but I hope you enjoy watching anyway.



Terrific performance: strumming, picking, singing - all good. You can probably slow down a little on ‘Listen to the Radio’. Loved ‘Souvenirs’ - you were getting more confident. Well played!


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Thank you Brian!
Yes, I played ‘Listen to Radio’ faster than intended - it was the opener and I knew I had to concentrate on not getting carried away by the adrenalin but only managed to slow it down so far …


Both sounded good to me, Molly, Bravo and congrats on stepping out. Keep performing regularly and over time you’ll become more comfortable (at least that was my experience)


Hi Molly,

I enjoyed both of your performances! :smiley: Kudos for stepping up that stage and owning it. As mentioned by David, if you keep on performing, it will get a little easier each time and probably enjoying to perform will increase, too. :slight_smile:

Both songs were played and sung so well, I would have been delighted to be part of the audience listening to you. :+1:


Oh thank you Lisa! :heart_eyes:
Yes, I will definitly keep performing. We have these open mics once a month here where I live and I am already working on my set list for next month :slight_smile:


Well done Lisa great performance. One way to tell if your playing is on auto is to chat to someone whilst playing. If you can do that you’re not thinking about playing. In terms of lyrics I’d use a small tablet/ipad and suitable iPad mount. Just have your lyrics in a suitable app (Setlist helper or song book pro). You don’t need to read/sing from the lyrics but it’s a useful crutch if your mind goes blank.

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