Seeking Book on Music Theory for Pianists


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Hello Justin Guitar Friends!

I’ve been a JG student for the last couple of years (advanced beginner) and have studied many of Justin’s music theory lessons with good success. My adult son is a very good beginner pianist. He is looking for a book on music theory for piano, that is a practical guide and will teach him to play improv.

The goal is for my son the pianist to play along with my rhythm guitar playing, much like a lead guitarist would do.

Thank you for your help!

On second reading of your post, you mention this is for improvisation so I deleted my previous message, which was a suggestion for theory material.

I think trying to learn improvisation through learning theory is way too indirect. While theory helps a bit, it does not necessarily tell you which notes to play when, which is what improvisation is about.

Instead, I would look for books like “Improvising Blues Piano” (Tim Richards). This is a good one for blues but you can look for others if he is interested in different genres.