Selecting a Good Microphone for Guitar and Vocals


I’m interested in doing some Youtube videos as well as possibly some online open mics. To start I’d like to use just a single condenser mic. Is a Rode NT1-A a good choice? I found this video on the topic. Would you say this is generally a good setup to go with?

Recording Acoustic Guitar and Vocals (at the same time) with One Microphone - YouTube



I’m not an expert nor do I have years and years of experience, that said, based on what I know and others in the Community have said, the Rode NT1A will be a good choice. And good value when it comes with the shock-mount compared to other similar mics in that spec and price range.

When I started home recording and producing, my got to YT channel was Graham’s. I think he is a reliable guy, provides good information. So if budget is an issue perhaps research some of his other videos articles about recording gear.

If your guitar has built-in pickup you can also use that with a dynamic mic, again using a 2 channel audio interface, like the Solo Graham used. When I started my singing volume was low and I struggled with a single mic to get a decent balance between guitar and voice. A dynamic mic helps with that as it is less sensitive, and picks up more of what is directly in front of it. Downside of this approach is that your guitar may not sound pleasing recorded via it’s electronics, depending on what you have.

When buying an audio interface, based on your aspirations, it may be worth getting the Scarlett 2i2 rather than the Solo (or something similar). Then in time you could use the 2 mic option (Graham has a video on that option) with a dynamic mic for the vocal and the condensor for the guitar. With careful positioning and control of input gain (level) on the interface you can manage the bleed ie amount of guitar picked up on the vocal mic and vice versa.

That may be the best option for the making of YT videos since with two tracks you have more control as to how you mix the recording, adjusting levels adding different fx etc. Not sure where you are on the path to this, so this may be something for the future.

So a good starter option would certainly be the Rode mic and a Scarlett 2i2, enabling recording with a single mic now and enabling two mic option in the future.

@SandyMusic if I recall correctly you were asking about this recently, the video Dan shared would be worth a watch if I am correct.